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capitulate to (someone or something)

To yield or submit to someone or something. Sometimes, you just need to capitulate to your family, in order to keep the peace. I will never capitulate to your outrageous demands!
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capitulate to someone or something

to surrender or submit to someone or something. The general finally capitulated to the enemy. I won't capitulate in this argument.
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The British number two forced his match into a third set after capitulating 6-2 in the opener and then looking dead and buried in the second as he slipped 4-2 behind in a tie-break.
Said Cook, "Too often each year I must decide between risking the future of my firm in a trial involving complex auditing issues or capitulating to the coercive tactics of a plaintiffs' lawyers." Although his firm may not be responsible for the calamity that befell a company or its shareholders, said Cook, "the plaintiff's lawyers know I am reluctant to authorize the expenditure of several million more dollars in attorneys' fees and expenses to go to trial, running the risk of having to pay the full amount of damages that could destroy my firm."
Stephen Wallis should be fighting tooth and claw to preserve this meeting, not capitulating so meekly in the face of the silliness that is Racing For Change.
Does he think the public has no recollection of the leading part he played several years ago in the group FORCE which intimidated Denbighshire into capitulating on the Lon Clwyd path for walking and cycling between Rhyl and Ruthin.
"If there is a strike, the Rb URGES buildings not to break ranks by capitulating to union pressure, or by signing 'you too' agreements that representatives of the union may offer."
Lib-Dem defence spokesman Paul Keetch said: "The MoD have an ethos of denying responsibility, taking it to the wire, then capitulating."
Yet, in the long run, capitulating can be seen as a betrayal of both Novartis' industry and its consumers.
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said: "We have seen John Major capitulating to extreme Unionism.