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capitulate to (someone or something)

To yield or submit to someone or something. Sometimes, you just need to capitulate to your family, in order to keep the peace. I will never capitulate to your outrageous demands!
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capitulate to someone or something

to surrender or submit to someone or something. The general finally capitulated to the enemy. I won't capitulate in this argument.
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The West Indies are fancied to beat New Zealand today, but the problem with selling the Kiwis is that it is possible that the inconsistent Windies will capitulate against Stephen Fleming's gritty and determined side.
Better to cu-operate than capitulate to the ever-increasing financial burdens.
The eagerly-awaited quarter-final saw Capriati capitulate 6-1 6-1 on Centre Court to Williams.
They were charged with defending Mosul,Iraq's third biggest city and still in the hands of Saddam Hussein loyalists, According to American television reports the corps,originally 30,000 strong,and the Governor General of the Mosul region in northern Iraq, were prepared to capitulate to US forces.
Lewsey said: "You either go home and capitulate, or it strengthens your resolve to do something about it.
Waterloo refused to capitulate and a late rally produced another fine try by Alex Walton and a conversion by Handley, who took over kicking duties after Hunter retired with a knee injury.
Before making the call Yeltsin said: ''Bill Clinton hopes Slobodan Milosevic will capitulate and give up the whole of Yugoslavia.
It could hardly have expected the unions to capitulate without a fight.
Meanwhile FIFA president Sepp Blatter insisted football will not "capitulate in the face of violence" as he gave the goahead to this weekend's Asian Football Confederation World Cup qualifiers and the Under-17 World Championships.
Milosevic is a master of brinkmanship and will capitulate only when he sees defeat staring him in the face.
Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France have given the RFU a week to capitulate and to re-negotiate their TV contract with Sky.