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capitulate to (someone or something)

To yield or submit to someone or something. Sometimes, you just need to capitulate to your family, in order to keep the peace. I will never capitulate to your outrageous demands!
See also: capitulate

capitulate to someone or something

to surrender or submit to someone or something. The general finally capitulated to the enemy. I won't capitulate in this argument.
See also: capitulate
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The eagerly-awaited quarter-final saw Capriati capitulate 6-1 6-1 on Centre Court to Williams.
officials have said NATO is going to continue this bombing until the Serbians capitulate.
Lewsey said: "You either go home and capitulate, or it strengthens your resolve to do something about it.
The State Department has said, ``they are going to continue this bombing until the Serbians capitulate.
It could hardly have expected the unions to capitulate without a fight.
But it is having no evident effect on Milosevic's refusal to capitulate to earlier alliance demands that he allow 30,000 NATO peacekeepers into Kosovo, and popular support for Serbia's stand against NATO still seems strong.
Nor, they add, did the bombing of Hanoi force the North Vietnamese to capitulate.
Whether he will actually capitulate is anyone's guess,'' said Parmet, who has written biographies of Nixon and George Bush.
Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France have given the RFU a week to capitulate and to re-negotiate their TV contract with Sky.
Scanning my bookshelf, I note an Anglican author who celebrates an Anglican Donne; a Catholic who discovers a crypto-Catholic Donne; a Catholicturned-Anglican who admits to a guilty, apostate Donne; a Lutheran who enforces Donne's Lutheranism; a Calvinist whose Donne capitulates to the Genevan's lex terribilis; a skeptic for whom Donne doubts; an atheist for whom Donne feigns piety; a feminist whose Donne worships Sophia; and so on.
Bill Clinton, who cravenly capitulates his constitutional civilian power to the military, utterly lacks a value system hinged to the survival of human life and dignity, which is why he buddies up with Colin Powell.