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capitalize on (something)

To take advantage of a particular opportunity or situation for one's benefit. We need to capitalize on that team's losing streak and overtake them in the standings. You finally got an interview at that company, so you need to capitalize on it, because you might not get another one.
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capitalize on something

Fig. to build on something; to exploit something, such as an opportunity of talent, to one's own benefit. Let's try to capitalize on the strength of the economy and invest for the future. Capitalize on your experience in the field and you'll do well in the interview.
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"10 Start-ups that pitched in the first two editions of Capitalize have raised Rs 5 crores so far.
"Capitalize's collaboration with SunGard K-12's initiatives provides districts, administrators, and staff with a comprehensive business intelligence solution, as well as an available resource to ensure districts' success with IBM Cognos." -Eric Soden, Capitalize Analytics Managing Partner.
In addition, the taxpayer must capitalize all of the indirect costs of producing the repair allowance property in the MACRS class, in accordance with the taxpayer's accounting method under the uniform capitalization rules of section 263A.
Like the revenue-based methods, the investment method capitalizes the cost of the policy and the premiums needed to keep it in force, but no income is recognized until the insured dies.
In its August 16 issue, reporter Tony Long, writes under the head, "It's Just the 'internet' Now," "Effective with this sentence, Wired News will no longer capitalize the 'I' in internet.
What is the accounting for component Capitalize new part and replacements?
Knowing this, we expect our skill position players to recognize and capitalize on a numbers advantage as soon as it appears.
Many were pushed from the land when they could not capitalize farm production or find labor and exchange opportunities in their community to sustain the old system.
After that initial success, but still before the BID proposal, downtown business and property owners voluntarily pooled resources to fund "The Capitalize Albany Clean Team," a uniformed team that picked up litter, cleaned sidewalks and acted as an information resource for downtown visitors.
If it looms large in your life, capitalize it: The Renovations to the Lunch Room will be complete in May.
[6] Also, in situations in which there is no specific debt incurred for a qualifying asset, enterprises are to capitalize interest based solely on their general debt obligations, if any.
The regulations additionally provide that taxpayers may elect to capitalize necessary expenditures associated with development of real property up to the time the development is completed.
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a Tax Court ruling (see "Acquiring Contingent Liabilities," JofA, June04, page 73) that a corporation must capitalize its payment of an assumed liability.
In Lincoln Savings, the Supreme Court required a financial institution to capitalize payments made to a government-administered insurance fund where the financial institution had a continuing property interest in the fund.