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make capital out of (something)

To use something to one's advantage or profit. Prosecutors are making capital out of the defendant's conflicting stories.
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personal capital

1. Positive traits unique to a specific person, especially in a business setting. A: "This managerial candidate had very glowing references, especially regarding her ability to motivate a team. " B: "Wow, it sounds like she would bring a lot of personal capital to the position."
2. One's authority or trustworthiness. Don't blow your personal capital as a respected physician by backing something that you know is a placebo.
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with a capital (some letter)

1. In the most extreme form or degree. I am hungry with a capital H! Let's eat! No, it's not an emergency with a capital E. I can wait until the end of the day.
2. In the most typical, formal, or traditional form. When he talks about photography, he means with a capital P. He would never think to consider pictures taken on smartphones. Well, it's not literature with a capital L, but it's still a good story.
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make capital out of

Use profitably, turn to account, as in The challengers made capital out of the President's signing a bill that increased taxes . This expression, first recorded in 1855, uses capital in the sense of "material wealth used to create more wealth."
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with a capital A/B/C, etc.

1. You say with a capital A/B/C, etc. to mean that something has a particular quality to a great extent. You mark my words, that man's Trouble with a capital `T'.
2. You say with a capital A/B/C, etc. to mean that a particular idea or concept is being understood in only the strictest sense. The British tend to see things in terms of principles with a capital P. This is art with a capital A. Note: This sense is often used slightly disapprovingly, to suggest that someone is taking something too seriously.
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with a capital —

used to give emphasis to the word or concept in question.
1991 Nesta Wyn Ellis John Major He is not a personality with a capital P, not flamboyant, not it seems an angry man.
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make ˈcapital of/out of something

use a situation or an event in a way which benefits yourself; exploit something: The media made great capital out of his careless remarks in the interview.
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with a capital ˈA, ˈB, ˈC, etc.

used to emphasize that a word has a stronger meaning in a particular situation; very: When I say he’s boring, I mean boring with a capital B!
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n. cash; money. I’m a little short of capital right now.
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Taxpayers must consult the instructions for Form 1116 to determine whether they are required to make adjustments to their foreign capital gains and losses and, if so, whether they must use the instructions for Form 1116 or those in Publication 514 to make the adjustments.
Under the terms of the agreement, American Capital shareholders will receive total consideration of approximately USD18.06 per share comprised of: (i) USD14.41 per share from Ares Capital consisting of approximately USD6.48 per share of cash and 0.483 Ares Capital shares for each American Capital share at a value of USD7.93 per American Capital share, (ii) USD2.45 per share of cash from American Capital's sale of American Capital Mortgage Management, LLC, and (iii) approximately USD1.20 per share of cash as transaction support provided by Ares Capital Management LLC, a subsidiary of Ares Management, L.P.
This translates to increasing Tractable-Homeless Capital looking for alternative investments.
The overall sources of capital for loans have changed dramatically.
The impact on the economy, investment, and living standard of an aging population can be seen in the neoclassical production function, which states that output is a function of capital and labor inputs and technological changes.
The taxpayer argued that the prohibition against carrying back capital losses to a previous year and the $3,000 deduction limitation on capital losses applied only to the regular tax computation, not the AMT calculation.
Economists originally stole the concept of capital from business people and applied it to a new way.
"There are trillions of dollars of capital represented by New York organizations that invest across all asset classes," says Primo, 50.
Long-term capital gain rates apply to a sale of property that is a capital asset held more than one year.
In addition, it strengthens the definition of regulatory capital by incorporating longstanding Board policies regarding the acceptable terms of capital instruments included in BHCs' tier 1 or tier 2 capital.
These factors are what some sociologists and labor market economists refer to as human capital.
"In terms of options available to companies looking for capital, they continue to grow and grow rapidly," says Michael Schoen, head of Credit Suisse First Boston's division for Latin American debt-capital markets.
TEI is also concerned about the new government's statement that it will maintain other corporate taxes, including potentially the Ontario capital tax, at today's rates.