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capable of (doing something)

Able to do something. I don't think I'm capable of going for a walk right now—my back hurts too much. I know I was shocked—I didn't think Caroline was capable of saying such hurtful things.
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capable of doing something

having the ability to do something. Do you think Tom is capable of lifting 200 pounds? No one I know is capable of such a crime!
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If Sorenson and Handy need help adjusting, they should follow the example of current board Chairman Stewart, who long has managed to capably meet the needs of constituents without a regular assistant.
The choruses in the Messiah are interspersed with many recitatives and arias, and these were capably handled by the evening's soloists.
It says it has handed the relief operations capably, declaring that it is now time for reconstruction.
Tony Crimes, Open Award Centre Senior Support Worker, said: "I am very proud of the young people who, although cold, managed very capably to pitch tents and perform all the camp craft requirements without any complaint - they have earned their certification and will go on to complete the qualifying expedition in better conditions before the end of the summer".
Bachelor Boy, In The Country, The Young Ones, Cliff's first No1 Living Doll (strange to hear it sung by a female voice) and the title song are just a few, most of which are capably done, although occasionally leading man Neil Broadbent as Don, has a tendency to be too technically correct, instead of just letting it rock.
Despite the perils of handling Freon (and some newer substitute refrigerants), recyclers still can capably handle the stream of end-of-life refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners and ensure the metals find a home in a mill or foundry.
Phillips has capably demonstrated the extent to which American government both resembles and represents its polity.
I know Director Pitts and Director-elect Hallbauer will serve capably."
Some of the key roles--such as Ben Sliney, head of the FAA's national command center--were capably performed by the actual people, none of whom had any previous acting experience.
Tell It On The Mountain: The Daughter Of Jephtah In Judges 11 capably written by Barbara Miller and professionally edited by Barbara Green, is the remarkable study of Jephthah, a judge of Israel, who resorts to God for assistance in defeating the Ammonites.
Corporate communicators have long capably served as the ethics stewards and corporate consciences of their organizations, mastering that delicate and vital task of balancing corporate goals with public expectations.
Surprisingly though, the Mercedes flagship handles the corners quite capably. It doesn't wallow, and remains flat while accelerating through hard turns.
A hydrologist at the US Geological Survey for many years and an expert in microbial processes in groundwater, Chapelle capably relates the history of the bottled water industry and offers a plausible explanation of the popularity of expensive bottled waters.
It has a competent staff that approaches issues capably and professionally, and uses the time of volunteers economically.