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They fancied a legion of hobgoblins let loose upon them, and that they saw, by the fitful gleams of the scattered embers, strange figures, in red caps, gibbering and ramping around them.
Each man shot two arrows, and as they shot, not a word was spoken, but all the crowd watched with scarce a breath of sound; but when the last had shot his arrow another great shout arose, while many cast their caps aloft for joy of such marvelous shooting.
Heaven only knows what the people here may imagine," muttered Telyanin, taking up his cap and moving toward a small empty room.
Cadwallader was gone, Celia said privately to Dorothea, "Really, Dodo, taking your cap off made you like yourself again in more ways than one.
The second is to buy a cap in case prices turn around and go up.
In addition, in contrast to social agencies that attempt to assist residents on a case-by-case basis, CAP focuses on the neighborhood as a whole.
Choosing to hedge via a rate swap or cap depends primarily on your rate outlook and whether your treasury operation wants to oversee the process.
It's far different to try to sell 5000 shares of American Small Cap.
He and his colleagues studied 3,433 women fitted with a cervical cap -- a rubber cup about 3.
Here's how to inspect and clean the cap and grommet:
Although gains have been significant for large cap stocks such as the Dow Jones industrial average, returns for mid- and small-cap stocks have been disappointing
The study, fourth in a series of publications analyzing the impact of the cap, is titled A Budget and Policy Evaluation of the $1500 Medicare Beneficiary Coverage Limit for Rehabilitation Care Services in the 1997 Balanced Budget Act.
Let's say that the law mandating the Medicare Part B cap for rehabilitative services is not repealed.
The Ravens just needed cap room to sign their draft picks.
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