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the Gland Canyon

slang The breasts or one's cleavage. A pun on "the Grand Canyon" and mammary glands. Did she get a boob job? The Gland Canyon is much more noticeable these days.
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yodeling in a canyon

Said of someone's earnest but futile attempts to be heard, understood, or taken seriously. I brought these issues up to management months ago, but I might as well have been yodeling in a canyon. Living in this remote part of the country, it often felt like we are yodeling in a canyon when it comes to getting access to certain public amenities and services.
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Gland Canyon

n. the cleavage (between the breasts). (see also Mammary Lane.) I’d like nothing better than being lost in Gland Canyon.
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yodeling in a canyon

in. talking aimlessly. You are just yodeling in a canyon if you think I really care about it.
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