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the Gland Canyon

slang The breasts or one's cleavage. A pun on "the Grand Canyon" and mammary glands. Did she get a boob job? The Gland Canyon is much more noticeable these days.
See also: canyon, gland

Gland Canyon

n. the cleavage (between the breasts). (see also Mammary Lane.) I’d like nothing better than being lost in Gland Canyon.
See also: canyon, gland

yodeling in a canyon

in. talking aimlessly. You are just yodeling in a canyon if you think I really care about it.
See also: canyon
References in classic literature ?
An' right here an' now I name this yere canyon 'All Gold Canyon,' b' gosh
We utilized our long standing relationships in the institutional capital marketplace to identify a co-lender familiar with Canyon Capital, thereby expediting the loan participation process and allowing the client to receive the required level of proceeds in time for a TOE closing.
The fine-grained features also serve as campsites for the multitude of rafters and hikers passing through the Grand Canyon.
With its lavish color photographs of the canyon and its reasonable list price of $16.
There is a canyon called Las Huertas (the gardens) on the east side of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The people and process at Canyon truly define a value added partnership.
First, they followed the canyon toward the coast, then they zigzagged across it at several spots to record its profile.
Although the ancient layers of granite in the deepest part of the canyon are 1.