not able to stomach

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not able to stomach someone or something

 and cannot stomach someone or something
Fig. not to be able to put up with someone or something; not to be able to tolerate or endure someone or something. Jane cannot stomach violent movies. The sensitive student could not stomach a lot of ridicule.
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References in classic literature ?
But I cannot stomach the man with the carbuncles,' thought the Squire.
in their cradles) they say nothing to me: to my mind they know too much and feel too obviously; I cannot stomach the heartiness with which they slap me on the back or the emotion with which they hurl themselves on my bosom; their passion seems to me a little anaemic and their dreams a trifle dull.
Those who cannot stomach playing along just look down and wait for the awkward moment to pass.
That is something the Filipino people cannot stomach.
Bello said, 'Mr President is boiling them with cold water, suffocating them because they cannot stomach him for eight years, that is why they are crying foul.
They cannot stomach the thought of their significant assets, however fraudulently acquired, being returned to RAJUK.
Weve certainly seen this kind of thing before a celebrated artist who literally cannot stomach anything outside of his routine from ugliness to general unpleasantries and everything in between but it is something special and distinct in the hands of Day-Lewis, who is perhaps the only working actor perfect and exacting enough to play someone so perfect and exacting.
But what many people cannot stomach is his handling of suspects, denying them due process.
As for warmonger Tony Blair, a disgruntled remainer who's only self interest in Europe was his quest to be a future Euro commissioner, to be able to feather his own nest together with his sidekick Peter Mandelson who both want another referendum on the subject of Brexit as they cannot stomach defeat, they can both put up and shut up as they are both history.
Second, Iran cannot stomach Azerbaijan's relations with the West in matters of security and energy.
Rick Perry, and many more who cannot stomach standing aside as presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton cruises to victory.
They cannot stomach an outsider, one who has captivated the imagination of the people but does not come from their ranks," he added.
Few Americans will cry if Iran's nuclear acquisition is halted, but Americans cannot stomach another long term military engagement.
The 22–year–old singing sensation is sad for his many Russian fans but cannot stomach Putin's policies.