not able to stomach

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not able to stomach (something)

1. Lacking the courage, determination, or resolve to do, face, or experience something unpleasant. The military always sounded interesting as a means of traveling the world, but I wasn't be able to stomach the thought of having to kill. I'm not able to stomach scary movies at all, but my girlfriend loves them.
2. Physically unable to digest or tolerate a certain food without discomfort. I love living in India, but not being able to stomach spicy food makes mealtimes here rather difficult. I'm just not able to stomach rich, fatty foods like I did when I was younger.
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not able to stomach someone or something

 and cannot stomach someone or something
Fig. not to be able to put up with someone or something; not to be able to tolerate or endure someone or something. Jane cannot stomach violent movies. The sensitive student could not stomach a lot of ridicule.
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References in classic literature ?
'But I cannot stomach the man with the carbuncles,' thought the Squire.
I admire their polish -- their youth is already so accomplished that it seems absurd to speak of promise -- I marvel at the felicity of their style; but with all their copiousness (their vocabulary suggests that they fingered Roget's Thesaurus in their cradles) they say nothing to me: to my mind they know too much and feel too obviously; I cannot stomach the heartiness with which they slap me on the back or the emotion with which they hurl themselves on my bosom; their passion seems to me a little anaemic and their dreams a trifle dull.
A top city private hospital has got into the nerves of many people who cannot stomach the behaviour of its rude staff.
The OSG in a press statement said 'it cannot stomach' Saguisag's language.
A look that cannot stomach perceived flaws (even though the definition of 'being flawed' is highly subjective).
But Theresa May won, just, then spent two years negotiating with her party to deliver a deal even her own party cannot stomach.
Mandirigma said: 'I told PCSO employees when I assumed as GM in 2016 that if somebody [from the Office of the President/Congress] will ask or order me to do something which I cannot stomach, I will resign.
"I told all PCSO employees when I assumed as general manager in 2016 that if somebody from the Office of the President/Congress asks/orders me to do something which I cannot stomach, I will resign," he said.
The PDP said its members, as well as the people of Kogi state, cannot stomach the abduction of Okai as well as the arrest of its members for flimsy reasons by the APC.
Well, my old Dutch cannot stomach the stuff, her reasoning is because it is made with pig's blood and what she describes as "globs of lard", it has to be a health risk she says.
Nevertheless, the outcry that followed Mian's appointment showed that many cannot stomach the idea of an Ahmadi being invited onto an official body.
'We cannot stomach that,' he told a news conference after meeting KTMB top management over the train operator's performance and ongoing projects.
Which words should you say?And when a random girl does something that touches your raw nerve in a matatu, or any other public place, do you give her a piece of your mind or do you just chin up and smile because you grew up not understanding how to handle this species?Probably you have grown up with the mentality that this is a species so brittle it cannot stomach even the slightest of a raised voice.
United great Lee Sharpe starred at Old Trafford during the early part of Sir Alex Ferguson's glorious reign and says supporters cannot stomach Mourinho's pragmatic style.
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