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Practicing lawyers swear the Supreme Court cannot be bothered to review a mere denial of demurrer (a motion to dismiss for insufficiency of the prosecution's evidence), always preferring to await the completion of trial (after hearing what the accused has to say in his/her defense) and rendition of final judgment by the trial court.
We have entered the world of the cannot be bothered unless spoon-fed.
Sadly most of it will be sitting at home because it cannot be bothered to take part.
Such language falls easily off the pens of insensitive writers who cannot be bothered to be original.
As I see it, the Alternative Vote system is for those who cannot be bothered to deliberate between the ideas and objectives of each of the candidates standing for election.
HERE is a cautionary tale for all who cannot be bothered to check bills and bank statements.
But I bet there are people in Marton, Brookfield, Hutton etc who drink more and eat more rubbish than those on council estates but cannot be bothered to take part in the poll.
He is so burningly athirst for the kingdom that he cannot be bothered with fine food and stylish clothing [or expensive travel]." This chapter is the closest Dubay comes to harshness, and he concludes it tersely with: "When people eat and drink well, whom do they usually invite?
Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed, another Canadian movie about the erotic allure of the big sleep, also reduces its dead to objects, in the process lending vivid new meaning to the term "stiff." Moreover, the spent nature of its dearly departed is at least compensated for by an overriding concern to answer the question--a reasonable one, it would seem--about why someone might be turned on by death, a question Crash, in its artful, millennium's end amorality, cannot be bothered to address.
They cannot be bothered to type it in or make mistakes when they do and lose patience.
Far better to fine those tenants who cannot be bothered to properly look after property which is owned by the council (which means us, the taxpayers).
I am a holder of a Blue Badge and find it extremely difficult to park at my local supermarket due to inconsiderate, able bodied people who cannot be bothered to park elsewhere as it would be too far to walk to the store.
There is a bin at each end of this footpath but these dog owners cannot be bothered to bag the mess and put it in the bin.
Drivers would be unable to see pedestrians stepping onto the crossing from the central reservation and this would be dangerous as many pedestrians cannot be bothered to wait for the lights to change before stepping onto a crossing.
They evidently cannot be bothered to use them or could it be because some of them (but not all) slope quite steeply and the owners can't be bothered to take the extra bit of care and skill needed to park their vehicles on these driveways.