slang Very interesting and fun. The term is informal and somewhat childish. A: "We're going to the zoo this weekend!" B: "Oh, neato! I love the zoo!" My grandad bought me this neato telescope for my birthday!
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neato (canito)

(ˈnito (kəˈnito))
exclam. really fine. (HHH) Look at this! Neato canito!
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MCNG 17163: Estado Miranda, canito en El Valle, debajo de la Urbanizacion Loma Larga, al sur de Caracas.
Since then, 'El Canito' has drawn a trio of contests, most notably against undefeated world star Nicholas Walters, but it was Sosa's win over Javier Fortuna last time out that really got the 27 year-old noticed.
Sarah Al Sammak's Canito project failed to make it into the top eight of the Doha-based show.
During the year, important drug seizures in the French Caribbean included the April 29, discovery by French Customs agents of 808 kg of cocaine on board a Gibraltar flagged sailboat named "le Canito" in the open seas near Guadeloupe.
Ramona's final words are those of rancho overseer Juan Canito, who proclaims: