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arm candy

An especially attractive person who acts as a romantic escort or date to social events, but who is not romantically attached to or involved with the person they are accompanying. Did you see the date she had with her at the movie premiere? I doubt they're actually dating, but he was a nice piece of arm candy all the same.
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brain candy

Entertainment that is pleasant, enjoyable, and appealing to a broad audience but not intellectually stimulating or demanding. The play won't make you think too hard about the meaning of life or the human condition, but it's a nice little piece of brain candy all the same.
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nose candy

slang Cocaine in powdered form, typically ingested by snorting through the nose. The party was already getting a little too wild for me, but when the nose candy started making an appearance, I knew it was time to leave.
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To attempt to make something seem better or more palatable than it actually is, especially something perceived as negative or unfavorable. Mom tried to candy-coat the news by talking about how big the yard would be at the new house, but we were all sad about the move. Don't try to candy-coat this! An F is an F, no matter how hard you studied!

be like a kid in a candy store

To be so excited about one's surroundings that one acts in a childlike or silly way. Liam loves football so much that he's like a kid in a candy store any time he steps into the stadium.
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be like taking candy from a baby

slang To be an easy task. If you think that this game will be like taking candy from a baby, you're seriously underestimating your opponents. The security guard isn't at his post, so sneaking out should be like taking candy from a baby.
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eye candy

A person or thing that is nice to look at, but has very little substance, meaning, or purpose. The film is filled to the brim with delightful eye candy, but there is no worthwhile plot or characters to do the visuals justice. His new boyfriend is a nice bit of eye candy, but you can tell there's not much happening upstairs.
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like taking candy from a baby

slang An easy task. Primarily heard in US. If you think that this game will be like taking candy from a baby, you're seriously underestimating your opponents. The security guard isn't at his post, so sneaking out should be like taking candy from a baby.
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like taking candy from a baby

 and as easy as taking candy from a baby
Cliché very easy. Getting to the airport was easy. It was like taking candy from a baby.
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like taking candy from a baby

If doing something is like taking candy from a baby, it is very easy. In the end, they won so easily, it was like taking candy from a baby.
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like a kid in a candy store

If you are like a kid in a candy store in a particular situation, you do whatever you want and do not restrict your behaviour. There were so many options that I was like a kid in a candy store. Brubaker went on a buying binge and `felt like a kid in a candy store,' he recalls. Note: The usual British expression is like a child in a sweet shop.
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n. drugs in general. (see also nose (candy).) I gotta go get some candy from the candy man.

candy man

n. a drug dealer. (Drugs.) Lefty said he had to go meet with the candy man.
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candy store

n. a liquor store. Let’s stop at this candy store and get some bubbles.
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1. n. a coward; a timid person. (Mildly objectionable.) Sue is such a candy-ass when it comes to dealing with her children.
2. Go to candy-ass(ed).


mod. timid; frightened; cowardly. (Mildly objectionable.) What a candy-assed twit you are!



ear candy

n. soft and pleasant popular music; music that is sweet to the ear. (see also elevator music.) I find that kind of ear candy more annoying than heavy metal.
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eye candy

n. someone or something worth looking at. (Compare to ear candy.) The dame is just eye candy! Her brain is occupied with hair and nails appointments, and strained to do even that!
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needle candy

n. narcotics that are taken by injection. (see also nose (candy).) Max likes needle candy best of all.
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nose (candy)

n. powdered drugs that are inhaled, primarily cocaine, sometimes heroin. (see also needle candy.) Bart has some nose candy for sale.
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1. and rock candy n. crack, a crystallized form of cocaine. (see also rocks.) Some call it rock candy, and some call it crack.
2. n. a crystallized form of heroin used for smoking. (Drugs.) Max is hooked on rock—the kind that you smoke. Powder is everywhere, but you can hardly find rock anymore.
3. n. a diamond or other gemstone. Look at the size of that rock in her ring.
4. Go to rocks.
5. n. a baseball; a basketball. Michael passed the rock to Scottie, who turned and dropped it in the basket.
6. in. to be really great. The concerts didn’t rock, but we had a good time throwing chairs.

rock candy

See rock
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