speaking candidly

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speaking (quite) candidly

an expression introducing a frank or forthright statement. "speaking quite candidly, I find your behavior a bit offensive," stated Frank, obviously offended. Mary: Tell me what you really think about this skirt. Sally: speaking candidly, I think you should get your money back.
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By speaking out so candidly, public figures like Frank Bruno can help to vastly improve everybody's understanding of what sufferers go through.
Curran acknowledges candidly in his memoir Loyal Dissent (Georgetown University Press): "I am aware that I have failed in my writing to deal with the issue of racism in our church and in our country.
Washington is said to have candidly acknowledged the harm he had caused by his repeated use of the epithet ``faggot,'' which he had directed at co-star T.
A "must" addition to the Biography and Sports History collections for all Wisconsin community libraries, no Badger fan or college football enthusiast will want to miss reading "Don't Flinch", the truly remarkable, candidly personal and occasionally inspiring story of UW football coach Barry Alvarez
Views from Life's Middle is a memoir of the joy of middle age, candidly exploring the second half of life as a time to be enjoyed to the fullest.
Each character in turn narrates his or her take on the Trade; the story is often grotesquely violent, including rape scenes, and Wray never shies away from candidly portraying the starkest racism.
The editors candidly tell us that "as we were seeking support for the project and recruiting authors, more than one person wished us well and told us this was an important avenue for inquiry but just too hot for them to touch.
ATHLETICS: Commonwealth marathon bronze medallist Liz Yelling candidly admitted the super-fast pace in the BUPA Great Manchester Run killed her off just three kilometres after the start.
This democratic installation did, however, detract from the emphasis on spectacle and narrative that has taken on such importance since the mid-'90s, as evident in Marina Abramovic's beautifully made The Lovers, the Great Wall Walk, 1998, or in the sex scene on horseback, candidly filmed in startling, fast-moving close-up, in Rustam Khalfin and Julia Tikhonova's Towards an Understanding of Limitations, 2005.
How many of us closet nonbelievers could expose so candidly our freedom of conscience?
With an approximate running time of three hours, "A Certain Justice" can be candidly and wholeheartedly recommended for inclusion into any personal or community library DVD collection.
He could have made a case for Sherwood as rivaling Jesse Mercer as one of the most instrumental figures in Georgia Baptist life, but Burch candidly states that Sherwood preferred to follow "greater men" (148).
At the conference, Christian Coalition Field Director Bill Thomson candidly admitted that the guides are intended to affect the outcome of elections.
Tell people that their money is definitely not going to waste," Bradley says candidly.
If I'm an inspiration to other African American women interested in golf, it's only because I am able to walk down a path cleared by the unconquerable Althea Gibson, the first African American LPGA Tour player," Wright explains candidly.