can't say that I do

(I) can't say that I do

I do not. They asked me if I know how to create a spreadsheet like that, but I can't say that I do—it doesn't look familiar to me. A: "Do you know how to fix a water leak like this?" B: "Can't say that I do. I think you better call a plumber." Do I have a top hat that you can borrow? You know, I can't say that I do.
See also: say, that
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(I) can't say that I do.

 and (I) can't say's I do.; (I) can't say (as) I do.
Fig. a vague response to a question about whether one remembers, knows about, likes, etc., something or someone. (The say as and say's are not standard English.) Jane: You remember Fred, don't you? John: Can't say as I do. Bob: This is a fine looking car. Do you like it? Bill: I can't say I do.
See also: say, that
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