can't hold a candle to

can't hold a candle to (someone or something)

Cannot compare to someone or something; is not nearly as good or desirable as someone or something. The sequel wasn't bad, but it can't hold a candle to the original. John's fast all right, but he can't hold a candle to Louise!
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can't hold a candle to someone

Fig. not [to be] equal to someone; unable to measure up to someone. (Also with cannot.) Mary can't hold a candle to Ann when it comes to athletics. As for singing, John can't hold a candle to Jane.
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hold a candle to, cannot/not fit to

To be vastly inferior to someone. Holding a candle for someone else was already considered a menial task in the sixteenth century. “Who that worst maie, shall holde the candell” appeared in John Heywood’s 1546 collection of proverbs, and “I be not worthy to hold a candle to Aristotle,” wrote Sir Edward Dering (1640). A rhyming example appears in John Byrom’s poetic account, On the Feud between Handel and Bononcini (1773): “Others aver that he to Handel is scarcely fit to hold the candle.”
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Summary: All the plots in all the volumes that were written by Shakespeare can't hold a candle to what the U.S.
The sluggish, resistive touchscreen can make it a chore to use the Vivaz for day-to-day tasks and the PlayNow app store can't hold a candle to other application portals doing the rounds.
MANY teams throughout Europe like to boast of the intimidating atmosphere at their stadiums but they can't hold a candle to the Congo where fans have been known to attack rival teams.
Stars in the night, blazing their light, can't hold a candle to ...
And in the current political hierarchy, the millions of frustrated American drivers can't hold a candle to the powerful road-builders' lobby.
IBROX flop Tore Andre Flo can't hold a candle to Brazilian prima donna Marcio Amoroso who has had his contract ripped up by Lambo's old club.
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