can't hear (oneself) think

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can't hear (oneself) think

Cannot concentrate on anything due to overwhelming noise. Can you turn down that blaring music? I can't hear myself think! There's so much construction going on during the day that you can't even hear yourself think over the chorus of jackhammers.
See also: hear, think

hear oneself think, can't

Be unable to concentrate because there is too much noise. For example, There was so much noise from the jackhammers we couldn't hear ourselves think. [Early 1900s]
See also: hear

can't hear yourself think

COMMON If you say that you can't hear yourself think, you are complaining because there is a lot of noise that is disturbing you. For God's sake shut up. I can't hear myself think! If you're sitting in the front yard, you can't hear yourself think because the traffic is getting very, very bad.
See also: hear, think

can’t hear yourself ˈthink

(informal) there is so much noise around you that you cannot think clearly: Can you turn the volume down? I can’t hear myself think in here.
See also: hear, think
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But we can't hear ourselves think here this summer over the roar of the Clinton machine -- and the buzzing back to life of old Clinton enemies.
On the Wirral Line, we can't hear ourselves think thanks to a din of drills - the gutting operation is in full swing and it's hard to visualise what everything will look like when it's put back together again.
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