can't hear (oneself) think

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can't hear (oneself) think

Cannot concentrate on anything due to overwhelming noise. Can you turn down that blaring music? I can't hear myself think! There's so much construction going on during the day that you can't even hear yourself think over the chorus of jackhammers.
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hear oneself think, can't

Be unable to concentrate because there is too much noise. For example, There was so much noise from the jackhammers we couldn't hear ourselves think. [Early 1900s]
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can't hear yourself think

COMMON If you say that you can't hear yourself think, you are complaining because there is a lot of noise that is disturbing you. For God's sake shut up. I can't hear myself think! If you're sitting in the front yard, you can't hear yourself think because the traffic is getting very, very bad.
See also: hear, think
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can’t hear yourself ˈthink

(informal) there is so much noise around you that you cannot think clearly: Can you turn the volume down? I can’t hear myself think in here.
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I can't hear myself think" | "Just you wait 'til your father gets home" | "If you want to act like a baby I'll treat you like one" | "One day you'll thank me" | "It's like talking to a brick wall" | "Where are your Ps and Qs?" | "I'm not asking, I'm telling" | "I've told you and that is that" Perhaps I'm just not trying hard enough to explain things properly and that's why my brain has defaulted to this setting.
"Glenys said, 'I'm going around to Rachel's because I can't hear myself think.' Rachel is Lord Kinnock's daughter and Glenys his wife.
We have a few of those "can't hear myself think" places here, too.
There was music playing as usual,and the mother turned to one of the assistants and said: "Could someone turn off this hurdy-gurdy, I can't hear myself think..."
I suppose the emptiest vessels make the biggest noise, and I usually can't hear myself think when Chelsea are in town.
If I can't hear myself think that's something I have to deal with.
Do you often feel, and perhaps say, "I can't hear myself think"?
I can't hear myself think for the noise of your thighs chaffin'."
Speak to a couple of friends on the phone and have to cut the conversations short because I can't hear myself think. Wish I was at that party.
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