can't hear (oneself) think

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can't hear (oneself) think

Cannot concentrate on anything due to overwhelming noise. Can you turn down that blaring music? I can't hear myself think! There's so much construction going on during the day that you can't even hear yourself think over the chorus of jackhammers.
See also: hear, think

hear oneself think, can't

Be unable to concentrate because there is too much noise. For example, There was so much noise from the jackhammers we couldn't hear ourselves think. [Early 1900s]
See also: hear

can't hear yourself think

COMMON If you say that you can't hear yourself think, you are complaining because there is a lot of noise that is disturbing you. For God's sake shut up. I can't hear myself think! If you're sitting in the front yard, you can't hear yourself think because the traffic is getting very, very bad.
See also: hear, think

can’t hear yourself ˈthink

(informal) there is so much noise around you that you cannot think clearly: Can you turn the volume down? I can’t hear myself think in here.
See also: hear, think
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Usually he can't hear himself think but always seems to have a knack of rising to the occasion.
This is also the man who, at home, can listen to Sports Radio loudly enough to fill a stadium but who can't hear himself think whenever I crank up the soundtracks to "Mamma Mia'' and "Evita.''
He can't hear himself think because that's the moment your son decides he's going to dance around in front of the television set singing at the top of his voice.
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