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30pm and receiving care from workers who can't boil an egg, in a new report.
And there will always be an element of "men are stupid and women are great" to the show - from Scott's useless husband, who lives life in her shadow, to Bailey's idiot brother who can't boil an egg without burning down the kitchen.
It never ceases to amaze me to this day how many people still can't boil an egg.
Well some people can't boil an egg - think how they feel.
Of course we would prefer him to stay here - I can't boil an egg so it's great when he rustles up one of his lovely dishes for me.
Dear MiriamMY son's wife can't boil an egg, let alone keep their flat clean.
According to a survey by The Guides' Association (now GirlGuiding UK) in April 2002, 40 per cent of 8-15 year old girls can't boil an egg, and 20 per cent have never cooked a meal at home.
This is a bit embarrassing, as I can't boil an egg and do a piece of toast at the same time.
I pawed through the Fat Girl Slim cookery book again, but seeing as I can't boil an egg effectively (but somehow manage to do a fried one to perfection), I decided to give it a miss.
Sadly, cookery lessons went the same way as the nit nurse in schools and, unsurprisingly, we've been turning out kids who can't boil an egg to save their lives for years.
Thinking he's Ainsley Harriot whenever the barbecue comes out - this from a man who can't boil an egg.
We've had cooking against the clock in Ready, Steady, Cook, competitions for people who can't boil an egg in Can't Cook Won't Cook and instructions for those who want to learn to boil an egg in the form of Saint Delia.