can't be arsed

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(one) can't be arsed

rude slang One is unwilling or disinclined to make the effort necessary (to do or accomplish something). Primarily heard in UK. I couldn't be arsed to clean all those dishes after dinner, so I just left them in the sink until the morning. Apparently, my kids can't be arsed to put their clothes into the hamper like they're supposed to.
See also: arse
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can’t be ˈarsed (to do something)

(British English, taboo, slang) not want to do something because it is too much trouble: I was supposed to do some work this weekend but I couldn’t be arsed.
A more polite way to express this is ‘can’t be bothered (to do something)’.
See also: arse
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Maybe we can help each other out with public appearances and promotion - like when I can't be arsed she could do mine and when she can't be arsed I could do hers.
A bunch of time wasters, losers and lazy scroungers begging for a slice of one million pounds because they can't be arsed to sort their lives out for themselves doesn't make good telly.
Potential buyers are advised to check out the double steam shower, which features dual seats for the couple who can't be arsed to stand up for a couple of minutes, plus a steam aromatherapy function which might just have helped Lee become the calm and centred young man he is today.
Reasons given for this appalling disregard for even the most basic standards of hygiene include: `What's the point?'; `I can't be arsed'; and, winningly, `It has been in my pants all day while my hands have been touching money, helping me get on to buses and generally exposed to all manner of pollution.