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big man on campus

A very well-known and influential male student, usually in college. The phrase can be used derisively, especially when aimed at someone deemed conceited. All the girls swooned as the big man on campus walked by on his way to football practice. Jake acts as if he's the big man on campus, but none of the popular kids actually know who he is. We'll definitely get into this party if we're with the big man on campus!
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big man on campus

Sl. an important male college student. (Often derisive or jocular.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus. Let some big man on campus do the dirty work for a change.
See also: big, campus, man, on

*off campus

not located or present on the grounds of a college or university. (*Typically: be ~; live ~; move~.) Tom has an apartment off campus. The dean is off campus and cannot be reached.
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on campus

located or being on the grounds of a college or university. Do you live on campus or off campus? I don't think that Lisa is on campus right now.
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big man on campus

n. an important male college student. (See more examples at BMOC.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus!
See also: big, campus, man, on

big woman on campus

n. an important female college student. (See more examples at BWOC.) Helen acts like such a big woman on campus!
See also: big, campus, on, woman
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My sense is that higher education is in a more serious historic preservation mode, and having such a thorough site of historic campus architecture is essential to chronicling this effort.
Another option that administrators should attempt to promote is one in which policies set a tone of understanding and acceptance in the campus environment.
CCM welcomed me my first day on campus and has helped me stay active in my faith while away at college.
1100 Campus Road is owned by a joint venture of Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate Company.
Antelope Valley Union High School District is leasing the temporary campus that was home to Los Amigos and Desert Willow for a year to accommodate the first freshman class of Eastside High School.
The new assisted living facility completes the "village community model" of campus design and is designed for flexibility.
The Oregon case, incidentally, doesn't turn on ideology, and it undercuts activists' claims that the anti-fee movement is a right-wing plot to defund the campus left.
According to Green Investment, Green Return, a report released in 1998 by the Campus Ecology Program of the National Wildlife Federation, investing in environmentally friendly standards is not only responsible, it's cost-effective.
Hughes, who says he was surprised to find the MTSU campus mostly devoid of homophobia when he arrived his freshman year, says the campus culture has only gotten better in the time since Shepard's murder.
The findings released by Congress with the passage of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act report that 95 percent of the violent crimes on campus involved alcohol and/or drugs.
STUDENT RETENTION: Allen University in South Carolina recently noted that the Allen Campus Phone program - which issued a Rave-enabled phone to every student at this Historically Black University to help attract and retain students - led to the doubling of pre-registration for the spring 2007 semester.
Using the same curriculum and faculty from the main campus are the two primary ways schools seem to maintain their standards overseas.
President McCormick stressed that the College Avenue campus initiative will respect the campus' historic character.
The proposed Palmdale campus was one of the selling points cited by proponents of a $139 million bond measure passed by voters 69 percent to 31 percent.
Most campuses started by designating an official CSL contact person who serves as the critical center of a CSL network that creates links on campus and within the community.
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