campaign against

campaign against (someone or something)

1. To strongly oppose someone or something and encourage others to do the same; to fight against someone or something. Many people in our small town are campaigning against that big construction project because they feel that we don't need more stores so close to our homes.
2. To pursue an elected office against a specific opponent. I'll never win the student council presidency if I have to campaign against Caroline—she's so popular!
See also: campaign

campaign against someone or something

1. to crusade or battle against someone or something. Currently, I am campaigning against littering. Sarah is campaigning against crooked politicians.
2. to run one's political campaign against someone or something. I campaigned against the incumbent and won. John spent a lot of time campaigning against Sarah for class president.
See also: campaign
References in classic literature ?
Now, it had been agreed between Mrs Waters and the captain that she would accompany him in his march as far as Worcester, where they were to take their leave of each other, and she was thence to return to Bath, where she was to stay till the end of the winter's campaign against the rebels.
acquire a taste for the political counsels of Mademoiselle de Keroualle, that the alliance between England and France was signed, and the English vessels, ballasted by a few millions of French gold, made a terrible campaign against the fleets of the United Provinces.
As certainly as I sit here, she is going to open the campaign against Noel Vanstone and Mrs.
We now returned to Anoroc and thence to the main-land, where I again took up the campaign against the Mahars, marching from one great buried city to another until we had passed far north of Amoz into a country where I had never been.
Poor Sorrow's campaign against sin, the world, and the devil was doomed to be of limited brilliancy--luckily perhaps for himself, considering his beginnings.
We had plenty of spectators when we mounted, for the hotel was full of English people bound overland to India and officers getting ready for the African campaign against the Abyssinian King Theodorus.
It was not for this rubbish I asked you to come over here" (he pocketed the money, however, at this point), "it was to invite your alliance in the campaign against Nastasia Philipovna tonight.
She said, "Promise me that you will not tell me anything of the plans formed for the campaign against the Count.
I understood that he had opened his campaign against Charles Augustus Milverton, but I little dreamed the strange shape which that campaign was destined to take.
This campaign against the old squires just hits the degree of democracy there is in this county.
Soldiers are not exempted from the campaign against loose firearms, a military official said yesterday.
Majority of Filipinos believe that there extrajudicial killings (EJKs) are happening in the Duterte administration's war on drugs but still support the administration's campaign against illegal narcotics, a recent Pulse Asia survey released on Monday revealed.
GILGIT -- Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gilgit Baltistan, Shabir Ahmed here on Monday directed SSP Gilgit, Mazharul Haq Rana to expedite campaign against motorcyclists without helmets in the city.
ASTORE -- Complying with the instructions given by Deputy Commissioner Astore, Rehman Shah, the area magistrates have started campaign against profiteers at local markets here on Wednesday.
Mural painting called the First Brush that highlights the campaign against human trafficking in Davao Region this year was formally launched in a simple ceremony this morning at the grounds of the psychology division of the Southern Philippines Medical Center at JP Laurel Avenue.
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