come home

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come home

1. To return to one's home after time away from it. I'm always thrilled to come home after a long day at the office. If you don't come home by curfew, you'll lose your driving privileges for a month.
2. To become clear or apparent to one. This usage often refers to an unpleasant or troublesome realization. The fact that I had been fired didn't come home to me until I was walking out of the building with a box of my belongings.
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come home (to roost)

1. Lit. [for a fowl or other bird] to return to its home, as for a night's rest. The chickens come home to roost in the evening.
2. Fig. [for a problem] to return to cause trouble [for someone]. (See also come home to someone.) As I feared, all my problems came home to roost.
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come ˈhome (to somebody)

become fully clear or understood: The danger of the situation we were in suddenly came home to me.
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