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After she suffered what could have been a career-ending knee injury in 2001, she came back fighting and was named the WNBA's Most Valuable Player of 2002, having previously won the title in 2000.
But as the tax-shelter era came to a crashing end in 1983, the promoters packed up their bags and left town and the Academy became the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television in 1985.
We go dig for rocks while the grown-ups discuss my aunt and how the man came out with no shirt on.
"It all came about through the debate about reunification.
Scholars disagree on whether or not this parable came from Jesus.
The plane was being boarded by zones--and I was beginning to think they were putting Kerry supporters in the ozone--when a couple came up to me, eyed my button, and without a "Hello, how are you?" intoned, "A vote for John Kerry will hasten the Second Coming."
In Revelation the seal, too, serves primarily as a sign of preservation, but it came to be read as the mark of Baptism.
"It, came through San Francisco right after it closed on Broadway," says Wong during a break front rehearsals for the show, which opens on December 2.
I came to know Glenn through his work in the ACTS Doctor of Ministry in Preaching Program, of which he is a recent graduate.
When we understand that this word came to Jeremiah while he was under arrest in the court of the guard of King Zedekiah, during the siege of Jerusalem, because he kept saying there was no use resisting the army of Nebuchadnezzar, the passage changes remarkably.
They wanted careers, children, and the societal acceptance that came only with marriage to a woman.