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On coming out: "I came out to myself in 1993, and had a few closeted relationships until I met Eileen [Lynch; see page 74] in 1996.
On coming out: "I first came out as a gay man when I was 16 and as a person with HIV when I was 25.
On coming out: "Without much fanfare, I came out as a lesbian in 1984.
On coming out: "I first came out as a freshman in college--with my roommate who had just gotten out of the Navy; and I still have a thing for those younger military-type guys.
On coming out: "I came out of the closet after graduation from college in 1983.
After watching a television show about coming out, "all these puzzle pieces came together.
When Nobel came out to his mother, he says, "she said she could never hate me but [asked] how I could know at such a young age.
They certainly didn't help ease her sense of feeling "naked" the first year after she came out--a feeling she imagines golfer Patty Sheehan, who came out in a March 27 column in Golf World magazine, is now experiencing.
Spencer-Devlin says she is very aware that she's become a role model but insists that isn't the reason she came out.