have calluses from patting own back

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have calluses from patting one's own back

 and break one's arm patting oneself on the back
Fig. to be a braggart. If you haven't heard about Bill's latest achievement, he'd be glad to tell you. He has calluses from patting his own back. Jane: I did a really wonderful job, if I do say so myself. Tom: If you're not careful, you'll break your arm patting yourself on the back.
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Finally, they were subcultured in the same medium every three weeks for six selection cycles until the herbicide resistant callus was formed.
The effects of the used hormone concentrations on callus induction (%), shoot induction (%), mean shoot number per explant and mean shoot length were studied.
In the same way one does not need to know the precise histological process by which callus forms to remove it, one does not need to know every detail of how a pathological force came to happen to counter it.
After choosing, the experiment was repeated with the four best callus inductor media (CIM), which were called M1, M2, M3, and M4, and subsequently distributed between the different light qualities (white, blue, red, and dark), in the BIM medium for 40 days and 16 hours photoperiod at 25[degrees]C [+ or -] 2.
Therefore, this present study attempts to produce and develop stable salt-tolerant MR219 plants by screening and selecting salt-tolerant callus line.
However, the application of tissue culture technology will depend on the availability of an effective regeneration system through callus and/or shoot tip culture.
Although many methods of callus removal are available, including autolytic therapy with hydrogels, whirlpools, and wet-to-dry dressings, Dr.
Keywords: Momordia charantia, Terpene, AY-Phellandrene, Callus, Jhalri
The rooting percentage inferior to 100% is due to the presence of layering just calloused or absence of callus and roots, not being observed death of layering.
Biotechnological approaches like tissue culture, callus culture, cell suspension culture, organ culture, elicitor treatment and tissue engineering are important methods for industrial production of bioactive compounds [39,22,32].
In the refracture due to periosteal, endosteal and parosteal calluses the subcutaneous hematoma absent because periosteum closely attaches to the callus.
So, death of callus in medium with PEG 6000 was not caused by its absorption to the cells, but decreasing water potential in the medium.
Plant tissue culture introduced an efficient method of organogensis and plantlet regeneration from callus.
For this purpose, it will be interesting to improve using somaclonal variation in vitro, mainly somatic budding or embryogenesis of the callus.