call off the/(one's) dogs

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call off the/(one's) dogs

1. To stop disparaging or otherwise behaving aggressively toward someone. I know you wish I were a doctor, Dad, but call off the dogs for one night. I'll tell you anything you want to know, just call off your dogs!
2. To stop someone else from disparaging or otherwise behaving aggressively toward another person. Your mother won't stop interrogating me—can you please call off the dogs?
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call off the dogs


call off your dogs

If someone calls off the dogs or calls off their dogs, they stop criticizing or attacking someone or encouraging other people to criticize or attack someone. Lenders will be ordered to call off the dogs, especially for families struggling to pay their mortgage through unemployment. Maybe he'll call off his dogs now that he knows I'm not taking his money. Note: The dogs referred to here are dogs used for hunting.
See also: call, dog, off
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call off the (or your) dogs

stop attacking or persecuting someone or causing others to do so on your behalf.
See also: call, dog, off
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References in classic literature ?
He said he did not want to go at that hour, but would follow my advice as soon as I had called off the dog. I instructed Garin to take him to the Fort, and Garm marched him solemnly up to the gate, one mile and a half under a hot sun, and I told the quarter-guard what had happened; but the young artilleryman was more angry than was at all necessary when they began to laugh.
Klopp called off the dogs with victory secured -- but the Liverpool boss won't be happy that Arsenal got the goal they had threatened earlier five minutes before the end.
Evans has never publicly called off the dogs. He has never apologised to her, only to his girlfriend for "an act of infidelity".
Professional socialite Kim Kardashian has called off the dogs on a Kim Kardashian doppelganger, ending a high-profile lawsuit that could have had wide-reaching implications for companies that use celebrity lookalikes in advertisements.
When Assad's forces shot down the Turkish plane on their border, prime minister, Erdoy-an called off the dogs. But with Assad in hiding and the FSA hitting at the heart of the capital, he has nothing to lose.
The foreclosure motivated JPI to become a more responsive creditor, so BOZ called off the dogs of war for now.
Randolph was well on pace yesterday to break the school record of 63 pass attempts he set last month at Yale until Gilmore called off the dogs in the fourth quarter.
We waded in and Capita chief executive Paul Pindar - and his Equita business - has now called off the dogs.
AIC also called off the dogs. They said: 'Due to a case of mistaken identity we incorrectly updated our system with Mrs Saladino's information.
By 2001, he had all but called off the dogs. That was until he was introduced to Jonte Short at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.
The word is that Fergie and Magnier have called off the dogs over Rock Of Gibraltar's breeding rights, just as the Red Devils hit the most important four days of their season.
Or had he called off the dogs as part of a deal in which the Prime Minister agreed to stand down?
Leominster stole seven bases in the game and could have had more had it not called off the dogs once the game was out of hand.
But I'm pleased to report they've called off the dogs.
With a pack of Labour rebels baying for his blood, Blair was only going to survive because Brown called off the dogs.