call (someone or something) into question

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call (someone or something) into question

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon called that decision into question. Such a significant error really calls all of the experiment's results into question.
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call someone or something into question

to cause someone or something to be evaluated; to examine or reexamine the qualifications or value of someone or something. Because of her poor record, we were forced to call Dr. Jones into question. We called Dr. Jones's qualifications into question.
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call in question

Also, call into question. Dispute, challenge; also, cast doubt on. For example, How can you call her honesty into question? This usage was first recorded in John Lyly's Euphues (1579): "That ... I should call in question the demeanour of all."
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bring/call/throw something into ˈquestion

cause something to become a matter for doubt and discussion: Scandals like this call into question the honesty of the police.The high number of accidents has brought government policy on industrial safety into question.
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Santer, who is retiring in May, called into question the role of the British prime minister in appointing bishops, the presence of bishops in the House of Lords and the role of the reigning monarch as supreme leader of the church.
Within the past 10 years, however, competing theories have called into question this land-bridge theory of migration.
47% Has called into question tax department's understanding of best applications
New York City has been sued over sewer discharge violations, and extensive chemical spraying was called into question after an encephalitis scare late last summer.
Only days after Daniel Bernard and Paul-Louis Halley, chairmen of French retailers Carrefour and Promodes, respectively, announced plans in Paris to form the world's second largest store chain after Wal-Mart, Argentine authorities quickly called into question the competitive consequences of the merger in Buenos Aires, where the duet would control more than 30% market share.
But now that the very concept of art as an autonomous entity is changing, the function of the museum is also called into question, and to survive, it must be porous and allow itself to be contaminated with real life.
Splane called into question the taxability of certain other move-related items, such as employer reimbursements for additional housing costs, cost-of-living allowances and perhaps even tax equalization payments received by foreign expatriates working in Canada.
And when that competence is called into question (as per recent OBRA enforcement surveys), you can be sure that he is in the thick of the profession's response.