call (someone or something) into question

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call (someone or something) into question

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon called that decision into question. Such a significant error really calls all of the experiment's results into question.
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call someone or something into question

to cause someone or something to be evaluated; to examine or reexamine the qualifications or value of someone or something. Because of her poor record, we were forced to call Dr. Jones into question. We called Dr. Jones's qualifications into question.
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call in question

Also, call into question. Dispute, challenge; also, cast doubt on. For example, How can you call her honesty into question? This usage was first recorded in John Lyly's Euphues (1579): "That ... I should call in question the demeanour of all."
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bring/call/throw something into ˈquestion

cause something to become a matter for doubt and discussion: Scandals like this call into question the honesty of the police.The high number of accidents has brought government policy on industrial safety into question.
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Consequently, autonomous human morality is called into question and the beloved individual confesses, "I have sinned" (Star, 179).
Only days after Daniel Bernard and Paul-Louis Halley, chairmen of French retailers Carrefour and Promodes, respectively, announced plans in Paris to form the world's second largest store chain after Wal-Mart, Argentine authorities quickly called into question the competitive consequences of the merger in Buenos Aires, where the duet would control more than 30% market share.
Although he follows his photographic source closely, the "objectivity" of the photographic representation itself is called into question; seen in juxtaposition with the copy of the Mondrian, Raffray's drawing from the photo seems no less a version of a version of the church.
Worried about the United States' stand in the banana war with Europe, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government are taking a long, hard look at an accord signed with Washington, reports CANA (March 8, 1999): During their summit in Suriname, CARICOM leaders said Washington's recent action in the trade war struck "at the very heart of the partnership with the Caribbean - its security and prosperity " and called into question the entire partnership agreement; The CARICOM statement reads as follows: "The countries of the Caribbean Community have agreed to immediately review the Bridgetown Accord to determine the basis for continued cooperation.
Similarly, tours involving destinations that are principally recreational rather than of historic or cultural significance may be called into question as not sufficiently related.
The Commission has supplied a detailed argument concerning the two questions called into question by the European legal system: Air France's decision to buy new aircraft and the airline's competitive position on non-European routes (not least the transatlantic service).
Splane called into question the taxability of certain other move-related items, such as employer reimbursements for additional housing costs, cost-of-living allowances and perhaps even tax equalization payments received by foreign expatriates working in Canada.
And when that competence is called into question (as per recent OBRA enforcement surveys), you can be sure that he is in the thick of the profession's response.
(22-24) As for Lefebvre, his description of a peasant ideal of self-sufficiency and disinterest in profit and accumulation is called into question. Lefebvre "dismissed rural industry as merely the agency of further pauperization" and characterized the peasant desire for land as a timeless obsession.
In the quantum world, however, each of these notions is called into question: Matter is mostly empty space; time is relative; mass is gained or lost in a collision; and no matter how firm the data seem, outcomes are always uncertain.
"And there is a kind of reverse abuse when the sexual orientation of an individual is called into question for appropriateness in ministry" (Fr.
In addition, the solvency of the airline industry is now being called into question. This threat of insolvency is present even after numerous federally directed taxpayer financed bailouts.