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call forth

1. To instruct or signal someone to step forward or come to the front of a group. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "forth." Counselor, you may call forth your first witness. Do not step forward until they call you forth.
2. To induce a certain reaction, emotion, or behavior. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "forth." Lots of people tear up at the art museum. Beautiful artwork is known to call very strong emotions forth. The catastrophe called forth great bravery from the victims and emergency responders alike.
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call someone forth

to call to someone to come out or come forward. The principal called Wally forth. Please call forth Wally again.
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call something forth

[for an event] to draw a particular quality or induce a particular behavior. The battle called extraordinary courage forth from the soldiers. It called forth great courage.
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call forth

1. To summon someone to come forward; beckon someone: The judge called me forth and asked me to tell what happened at the crime scene. The coach called forth the winners and presented them with a trophy.
2. To evoke or elicit some result or reaction: The love song called forth sad memories. I held back my tears through most of the story, but the tragic ending called them forth.
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I do the same for other points on the grid - "Senses and Intuition," "Rational and Irrational" - usually ending with "Literal and Spiritual." After some practice, I hand them a poem - William Stafford's "Driving Through the Dark" - and ask them to read and mark what aspects of the person are called forth in the words.
He ridiculed Johann Kaspar Lavater's science of physiognomy, and Johann Heinrich Voss's views on Greek pronunciation called forth the powerful satire Uber die Pronunciation der Schopse des alten Griechenlandes (1782; "On the Pronunciation of the Muttonheads of Old Greece").
They called forth the train whistle at midnight, the end of October, the wrecking-ball month.
Scandrett admits that his idea owes a great deal to a previously invented computer language called FORTH. However, he claims, FIRST is more flexible and runs much more quickly than FORTH.
NNA -- Maronite MPs and leaders have started arriving to Bkirki to participate in the consultative meeting called forth by Patriarch Beshara Rahi, to discuss the role of the Maronites amid the current situation in Lebanon and the broader region, National News Agency correspondent reported on Wednesday.
Within the next few days, they are going to be supplemented by mysterious figures who have suddenly burst out on the stage as if called forth by the wand of a magician, all concentrated on Punjab chief minister's removal.
A reader from Rochester, New York remembers a priest who "believed in people, called forth their gifts in an empowering way, and modeled Jesus-like wisdom and behavior.
Vatican City--The growing revelation of homosexual sex-abuse cases has called forth a reaction in Rome.
His Zone work is long overdue for serious study, a conspicuous failing of the critical community that both called forth Life Style and unduly burdened it with responsibility.
Farris says he is proud of his work with The Presbyterian Church in Canada website and calls it "the most advanced denominational site in the world." He says he can't remember another project "which called forth such vision and passion for the church."
Filled with images of longing and regret, it called forth a unique maturity and depth from Cochran.
"The strike called forth by the General Labor Union tomorrow is to push for an immediate initiation to form the lengthily awaited cabinet.