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call down

1. To call by phone or yell to someone on a lower level of a house or building. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "down." Call down to the front desk and ask them for some more towels. I called down to my dad that the bathroom sink was still leaking.
2. To ask one to come to a lower level of a building or house. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "down." Security will call me down to meet you when you get here. I called my dad down to look at the leak in the dining room ceiling.
3. To ask one to come to a particular place. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "down." I knew about the public outcry against my article, so I was not surprised to be called down to the editor's office.
4. To scold, rebuke, or reprimand someone, as for a wrongdoing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "down." My teacher called me down in front of the whole class after he caught me sticking my tongue out at him.
5. To invoke or request divine intervention. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "down." While in the throes of mourning, I called down for comfort from the heavens. I wouldn't cross a woman who converses with the spirits—who knows what kinds of punishments she can call down on us!
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call someone down

to reprimand a person; to bawl someone out. The teacher had to call down Sally in front of everybody. "I wish you wouldn't call me down in public," cried Sally.
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call something down (to someone)

to shout something to a person on a lower level. The worker called a warning down to the people below. She called down a warning to them.
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call something down

(on someone) Fig. to invoke some sort of divine punishment onto someone. The preacher sounded as though he was calling down the wrath of God on us. Moses called down a plague on the Pharoah.
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call down

1. Invoke, as from heaven; for example, He called down the wrath of God. [Early 1800s]
2. call someone down. Scold or reprimand, as in The conductor called her down for playing out of tune. [Mid-1800s] For a synonym, see dress down, def. 1.
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call down

1. To shout something from a higher level to a lower one: I called down from the balcony to the people onstage.
2. To summon someone from a higher level to a lower one: I was upstairs getting dressed when my dad called me down for dinner. I waited in the bleachers until they called down my group.
3. To ask for someone's presence at some location; summon someone: The police called me down to the station to identify the robber. I was called down to the principal's office to explain why I was late.
4. To criticize or reprimand someone: The teacher called me down for being late. The grouchy boss took a cruel delight in calling down the members of the staff.
5. To invoke something, as from heaven: The prophet called down punishment on the wicked. Their sins called a plague down upon them.
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She looked around at us, and then she called down, "Yes, they're all gone now.
Out of hours the front doors are locked and staff have to be called down if someone does arrive.
Everybody says so and that's what we get called down The Clansman.
The people upstairs would have called down if there was a problem.
Events include a special exhibition called Down Memory Lane being staged at Kenilworth Library all week.
Shields, who is hoping for another child with Henchy, 41, has written a book about her ordeal called Down Came The Rain: A Mother's Story Of Depression and Recovery
King called down to his driver and told him to bring up the checkbook.
Black Hawk Down heartthrob Ewan will appear opposite Renee Zellweger, of Bridget Jones fame, in their new movie, called Down With Love.
In the final minute of the second period, with the Kings leading 2-1, video-goal judge Malcolm Ashford - invoking powers granted those officials this season - called down to Walkom to disallow an apparent goal by Philippe Boucher because Moger was in the crease.
Graham was called down to London yesterday to meet with three members from the party's ruling National Executive Committee.
Sharon Latta, 29, ran upstairs at her luxury home after Mark Latta, 41, who was feeding daughter Charlotte, called down to say the baby had stopped breathing.
All the family were called down to the hospital and told to say goodbye .
The press secretary ordered more phones for the growing hack of journalists and the surgeon had lunch before being called down to emergency to find half of Kennedy's brain missing.
The play, called Down the Flats, stars former inmates and tells the story of a young Dubliner who tries to escape a life of crime.