call attention to (someone or something)

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call attention to (someone or something)

To draw others' awareness to someone or something. I know you were trying to sneak into the meeting, but you really called attention to yourself when you knocked over that chair. That garish new paint color really calls attention to all the imperfections in the walls.
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call someone's attention to something

 and call something to someone's attention
to bring something to someone's notice; to make someone recognize some fact. May I call your attention to the sign on the door? He called to our attention the notice on the wall.
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call attention to someone or something

to cause someone, including oneself, or something to be noticed or observed. I think he dresses like that simply to call attention to himself.
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Joe called attention to the fact that these immense parasols were in proper accordance with the intense heat of the sun, and made thereon some pious reflections which it were needless to repeat.
Proudly he called attention to each of his newly won possessions.
They jeered the piratical private, and called attention to various defects in his personal ap- pearance; and they were wildly enthusiastic in support of the young girl.
Pickwick called attention to his speckled silk stockings, and smartly tied pumps.
Doubtless, too, he realized as well as she the futility of his weapon, and that he had only called attention to it in the hope of reassuring her and lessening her anxiety.
The day was unusually fine till the afternoon, when some of the gossips who frequent the East Cliff churchyard, and from the commanding eminence watch the wide sweep of sea visible to the north and east, called attention to a sudden show of `mares tails' high in the sky to the northwest.
You called attention to a number of factors that may stand in the way of his receiving more recognition.
She argues that anti-communism and racism were largely what killed Lee; his outspoken social critiques called attention to him.
The event, hosted by Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who called attention to the importance of affordable housing to the city's economy saying, "We know that affordable housing is essential to maintaining the quality of life needed to attract and retain the talented workforce that businesses need to compete and thrive." Nadler was joined by Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez who described the overwhelming need for affordable housing among the city's low income families.
Church of England officials, who had been investigating claims of exorcism called attention to the babies.
He also called attention to OSHA's failure to provide adequate cost estimates, especially for small shops, since 80% of all foundries employ less than 100 workers.
Some years ago Brian Pullan, Jacques Chiffoleau, and others called attention to the expansion of what Barnes calls "the social dimension of piety" in early modern confraternities - forms of charity and mutual aid like benefits for disabled confreres and deceased confreres' families; support for dowry banks, orphanages, hospitals, and houses of refuge for exprostitutes and battered women.(1) But even beyond charity, confraternities had important social functions in early modern cities and towns.
Princess Diana's and Mother Teresa's very public deaths called attention to the changing customs.
On May 22, when asked to comment on the nuclear tests in India, Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls called attention to a speech in January in which the Pope recommended a cessation of all refinements of nuclear armaments, the first step towards general disarmament.
They called attention to the seductive potential of their poetic icons in an effort to fashion Reformed subjectivities capable of reading signs rightly.