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Patel, Moussa, and Upadhyay call us to account for differential complicities in the unrelenting racial logic of settler colonial capitalism that Alien Capital exposes.
Allah will call us to account with His Almighty Justice not with oppression.
Young people are right to ask "what is happening?" and call us to account.
The more you call us to account for our sins and challenge us to be true to the values of our tradition, the more you show your commitment to our friendship.
If we fail to achieve this success, our children will call us to account for this," he said.
You'll find in Jeff Guntzel's piece lots who love us, but also those whose reservations and analyses call us to account.
He said: "I hope the public will see this as a major step forward and will take the opportunity to call us to account.
I believe in a God who is a Thou, a covenanting God, a God who can call us to account because He/She can be called to account.
And issuing his own challenge, Mr Dewar said: "This will allow the people of Scotland to judge our progress and, I say unashamedly to you, call us to account if that is necessary."