call together

call (a group) together

To ask people to gather, typically to discuss a specific topic or issue. The boss has called us together to discuss the discrepancies in the latest budget report. Do you know why Josh called everyone together tonight?
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call someone together

to request that people come together for a meeting. Please call everyone together and we'll discuss this. I called all the players together.
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The films follows the work of home birth midwife Miriam Schwarzchild, an unaffiliated Jew, with whom Jordan followed for three months in 2012, practically on call together. Miriam, who has helped with my own home births, has established a regular clientele for herself in New York City, where its a growing trend for women from diverse communities to give birth at home, including Orthodox Jews.
Also, a slide presentation that will accompany the call will be available at and an archived audio of the stockholder call together with the slide presentation will be available on the website, as well as a phone recording one hour after the live call until 12 May 2015.
-- Federal Finance Minister Sigmar Gabriel will call together Federation of German Industries chief Ulrich Grillo and IG-Metall union leader Detlef Wetzel to create an alliance for industry.
"It was very interesting to see the defence minister [Arturo Puricelli] call together the joint chiefs of staff and, in a room packed with military personnel, talk to them about machismo and get them to commit themselves to fighting it," said Jose Maria Di Bello, one of the leaders of the campaign.
A decision was taken to call together the 860-strong ruling council on June 23.
PARTICK THISTLE have asked the SFA to call together their Appeals Committee as quickly as possible to resolve their relegation wrangle with the SPL.
SAMPLE SAVINGS BASED ON NORMAL SLEEPER APEX FARES: Aberdeen London SAVE pounds 50 return Inverness-London SAVE pounds 50 return Fort William-London SAVE pounds 50 return Glasgow-London SAVE pounds 40 return Edinburgh-London SAVE pounds 40 return When you travel, you'll be welcomed on-board by your Sleeper host, and in a few hours will arrive in central London where you'll receive a friendly wake up call together with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and a light morning snack.
Before the next presidential election campaign gets underway, the Commission wants the current regime to call together economic, political, and business leaders in an effort to minimize the effect of the downturn.
The Times article prompted the Navy to call together everyone involved with the Gould contract.