call to mind

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call to mind

To cause one to think of or remember someone or something (which can be stated between "can" and "to" or after "mind"). Can we go somewhere else for dinner? That place just calls my ex-girlfriend to mind. That song calls to mind many fond memories of my childhood.
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call something to mind

 and bring something to mind
to bring something into someone's mind; to cause something to be remembered. Your comment calls something unpleasant to mind. This photo album calls our vacation to mind.
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call to mind

Remember, recall, as in I've tried but I can't call his name to mind. This idiom was first recorded in 1472.
See also: call, mind

bring/call somebody/something to ˈmind

remind you of somebody/something: Her paintings bring to mind hot summer days in Provence.
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In conclusion, I would like to call to mind a Gospel truth which can shed a higher light on the horizon of your research into the origins and unfolding of living matter.
For some reason these items call to mind an early 1940s schoolboy joke about a news bulletin from Tokyo: "A Japanese battleship has intercepted three American torpedoes and completely destroyed them.
05 Newmarket 1m2f Listed ITV/RUK Card page 64 THE QUEEN, who won this contest two years ago with Peacock, is represented by Call To Mind, a colt who, intriguingly, is still in the Derby at as short as 20-1 with some firms (33-1 best).
WE call to mind, before our God and Father, how your faith has shown itself in action, your Love in labour, and your Hope of our Lord Jesus Christ in fortitude.
The photographs of Christine Felten and Veronique Massinger call to mind John Berger's dictum that the relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.
Our Great Thanksgiving (Eucharistic Prayer) provides us with the opportunity to call to mind all of God's wonderful deeds and blessings for us and to give thanks for them.
Just as my family spent our waiting time thinking back on all the places we'd been in our old car, call to mind the ways we all have been on the journey with Christ.
Individuals routinely call to mind memories of events they have experienced, but scientists are just beginning to understand how the brain makes this possible.
Seen together, the collected images readily call to mind Huebler's Variable Piece #70 (In Process) Global, November 1971, which proposes: "Throughout the remainder of the artist's lifetime he will photographically document, to the extent of his capacity, the existence of everyone alive.