call to attention

call (one) to attention

To instruct military personnel to stand at attention (which, in most cases, means looking forward and standing erect with one's arms at one's sides). The troops abruptly stopped marching when the drill sergeant called them to attention.
See also: attention, call

call someone to attention

to demand that someone assume the formal military stance of attention. The officer called the platoon to attention. The sergeant called us to attention.
See also: attention, call
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Dr Koroivueta said, "The call to attention must be given to early diagnosis of visual impairment and blindness.
During a call to attention by Syed Zafar Ali Shah over provision of dislocated minorities, the PML-N senator expressed his great indignation over the issue, which federal Housing minister Kakar promptly declared as responsibility of Punjab Government.
As the bike moves along, it produces a resounding call to attention.
Ten times we hear this call to attention, leading up to the text about the new covenant.