call to

call to (one)

1. To shout to one in an attempt to draw their attention. I called to my best friend when I saw her walking down the street, but she had headphones on and couldn't hear me. I had so many grocery bags to bring inside that I had to call to my husband to come help.
2. To beckon, tempt, or attract one; to be inviting or enticing to one. After living in this small town my whole life, the thought of exploring the world is calling to me. The promise of easy money has called to many a misguided youth. I'm going to the mall. There is a big sale that has been calling to me for a while now.
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call to someone

to shout to get someone's attention. I called to Fred, but he didn't hear me. Did you hear me call to you?
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References in classic literature ?
The ministry was the profession that suffered most--and still suffers, though there has been great improvement--on account of not only ignorant but in many cases immoral men who claimed that they were "called to preach." In the earlier days of freedom almost every coloured man who learned to read would receive "a call to preach" within a few days after he began reading.
In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, there lived not long since one of those gentlemen that keep a lance in the lance-rack, an old buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing.
As Avaya describes it, in the old world of telephony, we always called a location; today we can make a phone call to a device.
Upon returning from India, I made a call to the JCPenney credit card department.
The call to follow Jesus, in this set of encounters, admits no qualifiers.
The court upheld the police entry in this case, stating that based upon the call to the police and the sounds indicating violent activity was taking place, "[t]he movements of the officers were conservative, prudent, and reasonable."(46) On the other hand, th e absence of noises or disturbance at the scene of an anonymous call of domestic violence will not necessarily dictate that the police lack reasonable grounds to enter if other factors establishing exigent circumstances exist.(47)
For now, callers will have to wait and see how the talks progress, and pay phones will enjoy a steady diet of [yen] 10 coins whenever anyone makes a call to a friend's keitai.
* Tell telemarketers who call to put you on their "Do Not Call" lists and note the call.
As Roman Catholics, we are thinking with only half our brain, acting with only half our capacity, and ministering to only half of our people by accepting the church's position of excluding women from acting on the call to the priesthood.
While it's a nice call to have in your bag of tricks, it isn't necessary.
Latimore, a conversazione attendee, allows that "'the tones of [Iola's] voice are like benedictions of peace; her words a call to higher service and nobler life'" (257).
In the week-end of November 15-17, 1996, at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, 5,000 "Catholics" gathered for their annual Call to Action conference.
When the physician executive places a call to the provider, he or she uses telephone skills, along with accumulated training, experience, and demonstrated competence.
Our challenge is how we respond to these problems; how we, working together, answer the call to protect the people's trust, reinforce freedom, and preserve justice.
Paul emphasizes that both the gospel he preaches and his call to preach it originate with God.