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DUAL CITIZENSHIPThis also comes as it emerged this week that besides Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, having dual citizenship, the other big four who call shots in Mogadishu - the prime minister, foreign affairs minister, intelligence head, and the president's security adviser - also hold dual citizenship.Kenya is exposed to losing up to 26 per cent of its Exclusive Economic Zone and 85 per cent of the continental shelf and access to international waters should Somalia and her shadowy backers have their way at the ICJ.
FREE WHEELING the Trotters now call shots in our game
The most shocking aspect is that most actors are still at helm and call shots. They are all-weather birds; rather vultures that perch where eagles dare.
Absolutely, in terms of bringing the elections to his own pitch and being able to call shots through a securitised narrative in India that is controlled by a right-wing BJP-RSS nexus.
Williamson said that despite battery of pacers, it will be spinners who will call shots in the decider.
"We view the policy of sanctions as unlawful and illegitimate, driven mostly by a desire to dominate everywhere and in everything, dictate policies and call shots in international affairs," Lavrov said.
The post Fans no longer able to call shots on rule violations appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
He has preferred to stay in the background and let his disqualified predecessor, Nawaz Sharif to call shots. Does this have a rationale to create a political and administrative vacuumed for someone's personal aggrandizement?
I'll not Call shots for forwards QUEEN OF STH 1 DUMBARTON 0 DEFENDER Callum Fordyce doesn't intend to dish out scoring tips to Queens' hitmen - but that won't stop him winding them up about his knack of netting.
He was the key person who used to call shots and decide factors for all building materials supply and labour chain management in all under- construction projects in Jorasanko- Girish Park locality.
It's always much easier to call shots from the sidelines and criticize the president than it is to send brave young men and women to die in war.
This naturally emboldened the terrorists who issue a Calendar of Strikes or call shots.
We started to call shots for specific blinds until we had our last duck on the ground.
Some people think it is not prudent to be on the wrong side of those who ruthlessly call shots in the polity of Jammu and Kashmir; as they have power and know how to eliminate all voices of dissent.
This makes it easier to call shots and has the added benefit of bringing the recoil straight back.