call (one's) own

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call (one's) own

To regard or claim something as under one's own control or belonging genuinely or solely to oneself. Many people are in dire poverty in this area, left with hardly anything to call their own. I've been dreaming of the day I have a car to call my own.
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call one's own

Claim or regard something as one's possession or under one's control, as in Victorian wives had almost nothing to call their own. This expression, dating from about 1600, today is often used in a negative context, as in the example. It also appears in can't call one's time one's own, which dates from the 18th century and means one spends much of one's time in someone else's service, as in The hours in this job are terrible; I can't call my time my own.
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call your own

If you have something to call your own, it belongs to you. I think you should have a place you can call your own. She has hardly had a moment to call her own for the last seven years.
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call something your ˈown

claim something as belonging to you: At her age she needs a place she can call her own.
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They haven't had a home could call own since Ken Purc opened a gym at the old Vill sure Centre.
I think the CALL Own the Night Two Table 1-4 has overly ambitious tables for what our IR phase lines really are.
Own the problem: The person who first answers the call owns the issue and is ultimately responsible for ensuring a positive outcome and satisfactory customer experience.
Thus, a call option is "covered" if the writer of the call owns the subject stock; a put is "covered" if the purchaser of the put option (who by exercising the put elects to sell his stock) owns the subject stock.