call out

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call out

1. To announce something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "out" or after "out." Once everyone is seated, the host will call out the winners' names. If you've got Bingo, call it out!
2. To shout in an attempt to draw attention to oneself. I called out to my best friend when I saw her walking down the street, but she had headphones on and couldn't hear me. My husband came running when he heard me call out for help.
3. To confront one about one's misdeeds or unpleasant behavior. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is typically used between "call" and "out." If your intern keeps coming in late, you need to call her out on it.
4. To challenge one to a fight. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "out" or after "out." I wouldn't call that guy out—I know for a fact that he carries a knife.
5. To request one's aid or presence. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "out" or after "out." When that case had me stumped, I called another detective out to review it with me. The president called out military troops when the situation became unstable.
6. To utilize something, often a quality or skill. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "out" or after "out." The championship game was so intense that I really had to call out my mental toughness just to get through it.
7. To order something by phone. Just tell me what you want for dinner, and I'll call out for it.
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call someone or something out

to request the services of someone or a group. (See also call someone up; call someone out.) Things got bad enough that the governor called the militia out. The governor called out the militia.
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call someone out

to challenge someone to a fight. Wilbur wanted to call him out, but thought better of it. Why did you call out that guy? He used to be a prizefighter!
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call something out

1. to draw on something, such as a particular quality or talent. It's times like these that call the best out in us. These times call out our best effort.
2. to shout out something. Who called the warning out? You should call out a warning to those behind you on the trail.
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call out (to someone)

to speak loudly to get someone's attention. Mike called out to Tom that there was a telephone call for him. I heard someone call out, but I could see no one.
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call out

1. Summon into action or service, as in The governor called out the militia. [Mid-1400s]
2. Challenge to a fight, as in To avenge the insult, Arthur called him out. This term originated with dueling and is dying out. [Early 1800s]
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call out

1. To shout: When I realized I was trapped, I called out for help. I called out from the porch for lemonade.
2. To say something in a loud voice; announce something: The announcer called out the names of the runners as they crossed the finish line. The conductor called the station name out as we pulled up.
3. To request the services of someone or something: The mayor called out the guard to suppress the riots. We called the veterinarian out to the farm to examine one of the calves.
4. To challenge someone or something: When I insulted his mother, he called me out.
5. To order food from a restaurant by telephone: If you don't want to cook, we can just call out for pizza.
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University Hospital also recorded 505 call outs for a variety of reasons including missing people, traffic problems and a sudden death.
Double crewing all road ambulance call outs will help ensure patients are provided with the best care possible, as well as support the safety and wellbeing of our dedicated paramedic workforce.
Emergency road ambulance call outs are already almost entirely double crewed within the Wellington region.
Conditions can make it a good year for a particular type of pest meaning we will get more call outs to deal them than in other years.
There were also scores of call outs in Durham in Northumberland.
Lot 1 consisting of; fire/intruder alarms, emergency lighting, monitoring, access control, CCTV and surveillance cameras (not highways) maintenance, call outs and consumables.
And the company is predicting demand and emergency call outs may not yet have reached their peak.
London had an average of 238 call outs a month, while crews in Surrey were only alerted 28 times over a nine-month period.
Yet RAC statistics for the year 2000 reveal a familiar story - over three times as many call outs (369,000 - 15pc) were due to battery problems than any other component.
Lift Servicing and Maintenance, Breakdown, Emergency Call Outs and Repair services to Electric and Hydraulic Powered Passenger Lifts.
Warwickshire fire and rescue spokesman Malcolm Tandy said crews had about ten call outs over the whole county.
Contract notice: supply, installation, removal, storage and recycling of internal and external domestic lifts together with all servicing, call outs and repairs to the existing domestic lift stock within public and private sector properties located in the borough of dudley
It will mean a more rapid response to call outs and cut down on travelling, enabling the midwives to give a safer service to the mothers of north Warwickshire.