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With the children's summer vacation under way and long desirous of an animal to call one's own, in a house full of cats, one decided to purchase a dog.
'Aspire Corporate Plaza offers what other office developments in the Bay Area do not-a prime office space in a burgeoning location to call one's own,' Wong said.
The right to a nationality is a fundamental human right, and the lack of a country to call one's own would certainly make one feel incomplete.
Having a home to call one's own allows many other pieces of a secure and stable lifestyle to come together.”
A common concern among all physicians is a lack of personal privacy and a place to keep personal items such as diplomas, family pictures, books--essentially, a space to call one's own. Clinic design is responding with designated phone rooms, quiet rooms, and physicians' lounges, as the overall workspace continues to evolve toward open, flexible plans.
"Choosing a Bible: For Worship, Teaching, Study, and Prayer" is an analysis of the countless Bible translations that exist throughout today's world which can be quite overwhelming when seeking a Bible to call one's own. Analyzing the difference between the translations and how they approach the task differently, and their qualities for the many applications of the Holy Bible and using it in daily life, "Choosing a Bible" is a useful resource for any Christian.
Being Italian-American means being hybrid, and with that comes an insatiable and unnerving longing for a home to call one's own. Don't ever confuse a Sicilian with a Neapolitan, and I don't mean pizza and ice cream.
Nevertheless, despite the challenges of poverty and disease as well as having nothing to do and not much to tend or call one's own, Yang and her grandmother were happy at Ban Vinai.
Ynys Badrig, also known as Middle Mouse, is not just a rocky crag one might call one's own. It is the very islet said to have been the landing place of the missionary, St Patrick.
He believes that matrimony was created to produce children one can call one's own.
For most people, these aspirations mean enjoying the blessings of good health, or having a home to call one's own, or raising a family, holding a stake in the community, feeling secure - secure at home or in our neighborhood.