call off the dogs

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call off the/(one's) dogs

1. To stop disparaging or otherwise behaving aggressively toward someone. I know you wish I were a doctor, Dad, but call off the dogs for one night. I'll tell you anything you want to know, just call off your dogs!
2. To stop someone else from disparaging or otherwise behaving aggressively toward another person. Your mother won't stop interrogating me—can you please call off the dogs?
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call off the dogs


call off your dogs

If someone calls off the dogs or calls off their dogs, they stop criticizing or attacking someone or encouraging other people to criticize or attack someone. Lenders will be ordered to call off the dogs, especially for families struggling to pay their mortgage through unemployment. Maybe he'll call off his dogs now that he knows I'm not taking his money. Note: The dogs referred to here are dogs used for hunting.
See also: call, dog, off
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call off the (or your) dogs

stop attacking or persecuting someone or causing others to do so on your behalf.
See also: call, dog, off
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Labour MP Chuka Umunna, right, told leader Jeremy Corbyn to "call off the dogs" after two centrist MPs lost no-confidence votes.
I have none in them" Tweet from Labour MP Joan Ryan who lost a confidence vote in her Enfield North constituency party, in what is seen as an attempt by left-wingers to dump moderate Labour MPs "Call off the dogs" Former Labour frontbencher Chuka Umunna appeals to Jeremy Corbyn to stop centre-left MPs being driven out of the party.
None of the riders appear to call off the dogs as is required by law.
Last night Ian Murray, who quit as Shadow Scottish Secretary, asked Corbyn to "call off the dogs" after protesters linked to far-left groups gathered outside his Edinburgh South office.
After the television report, the guy called me and left a message to "call off the dogs."
Time to call off the dogs Skybet and I'm waiting to see if you do.
MUCH has been made of Chuka (yes, he really is a Labour MP) Umunna's "call off the dogs" phrase, with many believing it showed he possesses all the statesman-like qualities of the dangerous, Trump-like manchild Boris Johnson.
Len Goodwin Doncaster |Chuka Umunna asks Corbyn to call off the dogs, but they are not Corbyn's to call off, they are Jon Lansman's of campaign group Momentum.
If Putin agrees to call off the dogs in the Eastern Ukraine, the US and Saudi Arabia would in all probability quietly choke back on oil production, driving the oil price back up to $100 again.
I also managed to call off the dogs for police officer John Scott, who was being hounded by a finance firm after trading in his car to a dealer who promised to pay off the outstanding finance as part of the deal.
The Streatham MP also hit back at criticism after he demanded Jeremy Corbyn "call off the dogs" over centrist MPs who face being ousted.
"The situation is deteriorating to a point that if the government is smart, its best they call off the dogs and push the army back to the base.
Brown now has to call off the dogs and in return Blair must clarify his position.
Firstly, Ieuan Wyn Jones and Dafydd Wigley should call off the dogs as far as Dafydd Elis- Thomas is concerned!