call (one's) own

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call (one's) own

To regard or claim something as under one's own control or belonging genuinely or solely to oneself. Many people are in dire poverty in this area, left with hardly anything to call their own. I've been dreaming of the day I have a car to call my own.
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call one's own

Claim or regard something as one's possession or under one's control, as in Victorian wives had almost nothing to call their own. This expression, dating from about 1600, today is often used in a negative context, as in the example. It also appears in can't call one's time one's own, which dates from the 18th century and means one spends much of one's time in someone else's service, as in The hours in this job are terrible; I can't call my time my own.
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call your own

If you have something to call your own, it belongs to you. I think you should have a place you can call your own. She has hardly had a moment to call her own for the last seven years.
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call something your ˈown

claim something as belonging to you: At her age she needs a place she can call her own.
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References in classic literature ?
And so, this was the place Rosalie Murray had so longed to call her own, that she must have a share of it, on whatever terms it might be offered--whatever price was to be paid for the title of mistress, and whoever was to be her partner in the honour and bliss of such a possession!
And she bit her lip, and frowned vindictively upon the fair domain she had once so coveted to call her own.
She is great with other cats, dogs and children, she desperately needs a home to call her own. Lola enjoys being outdoors, so a home with a little outdoor space would be ideal.
Heather is now fully recovered and in tip top condition, all she needs now is a home to call her own.
But that doesn't stop her fantasising about a hero to call her own. And Katy thinks she's found him in fiance James.
Pamela Noble, 74, was even told to call her own ambulance - as a free 999 call was "too expensive".
This new season is the first Kain can truly call her own.
Jessica wanted a chair she could call her own so she'd have a cozy spot to curl up and read.
Still, the rising star hasn't ruled out the possibility of finding a heroine to call her own. "If I want you," Hyatt says with her characteristic self-assurance, "I'll let you know."
It gives her something she can call her own, upon whom she can lavish love and attention which would otherwise lie redundant and collecting dust like the disused mine shafts and steel plants of her native South Yorkshire.
Malcolm said: "Janet felt a bit out of things, so I thought the best thing was to buy her a tractor she could call her own."
Maya is longing for a home to call her own. Please telephone 01286 479711 for more information.
At the same time, bookings were getting harder to find, and often they took place in gymnasiums or dining halls, so when Becket found a theater to call her own, she was elated.