call forth

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call forth

1. To instruct or signal someone to step forward or come to the front of a group. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "forth." Counselor, you may call forth your first witness. Do not step forward until they call you forth.
2. To induce a certain reaction, emotion, or behavior. A noun or pronoun can be used between "call" and "forth." Lots of people tear up at the art museum. Beautiful artwork is known to call very strong emotions forth. The catastrophe called forth great bravery from the victims and emergency responders alike.
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call someone forth

to call to someone to come out or come forward. The principal called Wally forth. Please call forth Wally again.
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call something forth

[for an event] to draw a particular quality or induce a particular behavior. The battle called extraordinary courage forth from the soldiers. It called forth great courage.
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call forth

1. To summon someone to come forward; beckon someone: The judge called me forth and asked me to tell what happened at the crime scene. The coach called forth the winners and presented them with a trophy.
2. To evoke or elicit some result or reaction: The love song called forth sad memories. I held back my tears through most of the story, but the tragic ending called them forth.
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For if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?" Just as the impact of violence is often a precursor to retaliation, so a loving act can call forth the potential of more love.
Congress, which is granted sole power in the Constitution to declare war and to call forth the militia to "suppress insurrections, and repel invasions," has abdicated.
For Christians, the cross of Jesus Christ signifies God's power to conquer sin and to call forth life from death itself; it is also a reminder of God's patience, wisdom, and incomprehensible love for humanity.
Sandback's use of string to delimit the space of the work of art and Serra's use of steel sculptures with no center and therefore no closure call forth the religious insights of Buddhism and Christian a-theology.
As a result, generalizations and thematic overviews inevitably call forth exceptions that render broad statements either inappropriate or inaccurate.
Hawkins's spare, sere savoring of physical and spiritual experience can call forth quite a contradictory response from a composer, still without disturbing the dancers' meditative transits.
The careful monitoring of the market will be made more credible by action: Persistent and large-scale price anomalles consistent with a manipulative squeeze will call forth two sets of policy responses.