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call for (someone or something)

1. To call a place by phone specifically to talk to one who lives or works there (depending on the context). Honey, a boy named John called for you while you were at tennis practice this afternoon. I'm calling for Mr. Crane—is he in the office today?
2. To yell to another person or with a particular request. I called for my dad when I noticed the leak in the dining room ceiling. Do you hear someone calling for help?
3. To require something. Well, the recipe calls for four eggs, and I only have two, so I guess I'm going to the store.
4. To ask one to come to a particular place. I knew about the public outcry against my article, so I was not surprised when the editor called for me.
5. To pick one up for transport, as of a car service. Your flight is at 6 AM, so the driver will call for you at 4.
6. To predict something. Take an umbrella with you—the forecast is calling for rain this afternoon.
7. To be a fitting or appropriate time, occasion, or reason to do something. Celebrating an engagement calls for champagne!
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call for someone or something

1. to need, require, or demand something or the services of someone. The recipe calls for two cups of flour. This job calls for someone with experience.
2. to arrive to collect or pick up a person or a thing. (Used especially when you are to pick someone up and are acting as an escort.) I will call for you about eight this evening. The messenger will call for your reply in the morning.
3. to shout for or request someone or something. I called for Ted, but he didn't hear me. I stood on the porch and called for the dog.
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call for

1. Go to get someone or something, as in John said he'd call for Mary at eight, or Someone's at the door, calling for the package. [First half of 1600s]
2. Summon someone or something. For example, The audience called for the playwright, or The judge called for the verdict. [First half of 1500s]
3. Require, demand, as in This job calls for a lot of patience. [First half of 1700s] Also see no call for; uncalled for.
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call for

1. To summon or request someone or something: As I neared home, I could hear my mother calling for me.
2. To require or demand something: The recent surge in crime calls for a strong community response.
3. To be an appropriate occasion for something: This happy news calls for champagne.
4. To come to pick someone up: The driver will call for you at 7:00.
5. To say that something is likely to occur: The weather forecast calls for clouds and rain.
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