call attention to

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call attention to (someone or something)

To draw others' awareness to someone or something. I know you were trying to sneak into the meeting, but you really called attention to yourself when you knocked over that chair. That garish new paint color really calls attention to all the imperfections in the walls.
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call someone's attention to something

 and call something to someone's attention
to bring something to someone's notice; to make someone recognize some fact. May I call your attention to the sign on the door? He called to our attention the notice on the wall.
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call attention to someone or something

to cause someone, including oneself, or something to be noticed or observed. I think he dresses like that simply to call attention to himself.
See also: attention, call
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19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LoCA is the new brand being promoted nationally beginning today to call attention to the Lodi region and its passion for wine.
I still try to be discrete, not call attention to myself, and pass in the company of strangers.
Here, Martha Temkin's study of interpretive conflicts at the Antietam National Battlefield Park and Laurie Burgess's analysis of levels of meaning within Arlington National Cemetery both call attention to the problem of "landscape freezing"--that is, attempts to treat landscapes as time capsules of selected moments in time.
With a concentration and patience that imposed an extremely slow rhythm of production on him--the ten years that separated the two exhibitions must seem a reasonable lapse of time to van Golden--he has striven to call attention to visual events.
Tom's run across the state was one of the best ways I can think of to call attention to the benefits of homegrown, renewable E85 fuel.
I invoke this experience not to call attention to my academic achievements, but as a concrete--and not so unique--example of both the promise of affirmative action and the fallacy of defining merit or qualifications exclusively or principally in terms of performance on standardized tests.
DeVille failed to call attention to the need for better education.
The employee had been involved in a "peaceful protest" designed to call attention to jail employees' working conditions such as low wages and staff shortages.
The author's debut titles call attention to countless children who deal with name-calling and peer pressure every day.
One such "Journal Focus" question might be to call attention to a modernistic work of art in their textbooks and ask them to support why they feel the piece should or should not be considered art.
However, it did little to call attention to the appointment of Defense Department attorney David M.
More than 300 nursing home workers, union representatives, residents, and policymakers gathered on the steps of the New Jersey State Capitol to call attention to the chronic staffing crisis in the state's nursing homes.
Through a series of paid advertisements in the USA Today and Washington Post, ACA joined Camp Fire USA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA, Points of Light Foundation, Search Institute, and many others to call attention to the need for continued and increased investment in domestic human needs during this difficult period.
26 to call attention to the National Champion sitka spruce in Klootchy Creek County Park.
The disclosures provided shall be conspicuous, simple, direct, readily understandable, and designed to call attention to the nature and significance of the information provided.