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calculate (something) into (something)

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas into the total. Wait, I didn't calculate the tip into each person's total, so we need to give the server more money.
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calculate in

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "calculate" and "in." When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas in. Wait, I didn't calculate in the tip, so we each need to chip in a bit more money.
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calculate on (something)

To consider or think about something. He'll have an answer for you soon—he's been calculating on your offer for days.
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calculate on something

Rur. to think about or plan on something. Let me calculate on this a little bit. He's busy calculating on a serious problem.
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calculate something into something

 and calculate something in
to include something in one's calculations. Did you calculate the cost of the cake into the total? Yes, I calculated in all the costs.
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Meditative thinking is hard to grasp because, as Heidegger aptly pointed out, Western society is predominantly calculative. (7) Some people exercise because studies have shown a correlation between twenty minutes of aerobic activity and longevity (a calculative view), while others do so because an active life is healthy (a meditative view).
Where Binkley locates this internalization process in the world of consumption (2006, 346), it would seem that it also occurs in other leisure spaces as well given that the experience of managing risk through this calculative rationality in the digital game meets his criteria for internalizing a governmental conduct of conduct.
Although this definition embraces the calculative, affective-based and belief mechanisms of trust discussed previously, for business relationships three other mechanisms require specific elaboration to be included in a model to study trust.
Taken together, trust may be characterized in two ways: Firstly, as calculative, and secondly, as benevolent (Doney/Cannon 1997, Kramer 1999).
[H.sub.4]: The more positive a firm's credibility trust is toward a channel partner, the more positive its calculative commitment toward that partner.
Browse Complete Research Report with TOC@ The report comprises of a series of sections that categorically analyze the global market for wireless stereo headphones and develop information on the basis of robust research methodologies and calculative formulations.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Apr 22 (ANI): Chennai Super Kings (CSK) head coach Stephen Fleming said that he would never question MS Dhoni's decisions during the back end of the match as the skipper is very calculative.
The president while advising young women to focus on measured management, said societies had become calculative. Everything is being measured in society, from social media to social management, he said.
It is calculative in the use of the carrot and stick - in particular, in the mobilization of fear to achieve results.
Guru Playing the role of a free spirited, supporting wife Sujata Desai of a calculative and charismatic Guru bhai inthis Mani Ratnam drama, Aishwarya ruled the screen space with her effortless acting.
Many of these projects are under completion, many are just on paper and perception, yet much of this Indian glorification is on Modi's shoulders alone, who has dared to go where apprehensive and calculative Indian National Congress would never.
He is far from a tough guy, but you can tell he's very, very smart and calculative.
It, therefore, makes sense to increase the fare by between Sh10 and Sh20." His contact is [email#160protected]Have a calculative day, won't you!
Chapter 5 examines the practices of 'living prepaid' through a focus on the metrological regimes and calculative practices of water provision and consumption through a prepaid meter.