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calculate (something) into (something)

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas into the total. Wait, I didn't calculate the tip into each person's total, so we need to give the server more money.
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calculate in

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "calculate" and "in." When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas in. Wait, I didn't calculate in the tip, so we each need to chip in a bit more money.
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calculate on (something)

To consider or think about something. He'll have an answer for you soon—he's been calculating on your offer for days.
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calculate on something

Rur. to think about or plan on something. Let me calculate on this a little bit. He's busy calculating on a serious problem.
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calculate something into something

 and calculate something in
to include something in one's calculations. Did you calculate the cost of the cake into the total? Yes, I calculated in all the costs.
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The shrinkage program calculates the master variables from results available within flow and cooling analysis, and combines them to obtain a graphic display of distribution of linear shrinkage throughout the component.
Automobile business use is carried forward from schedule 2106 to calculate allowable depreciation.
While the program cannot track a large number of property assets (other than historical costs) or calculate depreciation, it can handle many of the accounting functions needed by a small organization.
Backpay calculates historical information: lost wages and related benefits.
The formula in cell B39 of the screenshot "Calculating Future Value of Annuity With the FV Function," =FV(0.005,240,-1000,-200000,0), calculates the future value of your client's savings, including the existing savings, is $1,124,082, assuming a 6% return per year.
Equation 2 can be used to calculate the apparent shear stress (ref.
Option pricing formulas, such as Black Scholes Merton or the binomial lattice, combine the values associated with the above factors to calculate fair value, using sophisticated mathematics.
In contrast, ERPs provide only basic transaction tax functionality to calculate tax on sales and purchase transactions, and some reporting options focused around basic compliance functionality
* Calculates the opportunity cost of attrition and inconsistent growth in a swine herd;
DCX engineers led by Sudhakar Medepalli of Loads Analysis Group, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, have developed a new method that provides the best of both the experimental and virtual worlds by physically measuring a minimum set of loads and using them as input to a virtual prototype that calculates the rest.
It calculates particle flows ranging from a dilute mixture to the close-pack limit.
Each year, the city tax assessor's office calculates the value of the city's buildings, but a variety of assessment methods are used.
Jacobson calculates that, taking into account changes in soot over time each ton of soot causes twice as much warming as calculated in previous estimates.
The PPS Revenue Model takes the two components of the Medicare PPS rate--the facility-specific component and the federal component--and calculates the average blended Medicare per diem, then allocates the per diem to the facility's routine and ancillary services.
Payment Process -- Instead of responding to a supplier's invoice, the purchaser calculates payment based on price information stored in their computer.