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calculate (something) into (something)

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas into the total. Wait, I didn't calculate the tip into each person's total, so we need to give the server more money.
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calculate in

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "calculate" and "in." When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas in. Wait, I didn't calculate in the tip, so we each need to chip in a bit more money.
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calculate on (something)

To consider or think about something. He'll have an answer for you soon—he's been calculating on your offer for days.
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calculated risk

A risky action that has been carefully considered beforehand, in which the chance or likelihood of a beneficial outcome outweighs the risk or cost of failure. We decided to take the calculated risk of going to trial, rather than settling out of court.
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calculated risk

A chance taken after careful estimation of the probable outcome, as in Taking their dispute to arbitration was definitely a calculated risk. This term uses calculated in the sense of "planned with forethought," a usage from the mid-1800s. Its pairing with risk dates from World War II, when the chances for losing bombers were taken into account before a bombing mission was sent out. After the war the term was transferred to other undertakings where taking a chance to succeed had to be weighed against the costs of failure.
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calculated risk

An action taken even though it might fail, because not taking it might be more dangerous. The term comes from World War II, where it was applied to the chances of losing bombers, personnel and equipment, weighed against the benefits of hurting the enemy. It soon was transferred to other situations. For example, “‘You don’t know a thing about him.’—‘It’s a calculated risk’” (Robert A. Heinlin, Double Star, 1956), or “We took the calculated risk of . . . using inanimate mother surrogates rather than real mothers” (Science, Aug. 21, 1959).
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The investment ratios have been calculated as a ratio of net investment income and assets at the beginning of the period
Which is the only chemical element to have the digits in its atomic number reversed to give its calculated sum?
The total nationalization percentages are calculated with the same method with regards to small establishments.
However, usually rubber compounds test between 0.18 and 0.33 for the calculated N (refs.
4 can be used to obtain the CVs of calculated tests.
"Taking calculated risks can serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.
This adjustment calculated values of tensile strength for each of the step blocks using a previously established equation, which relates tensile strength to composition and section size.
For each NIST force calibration report, this measurement uncertainty is given as the expanded uncertainty, U, which is calculated in accordance with NIST Technical Note 1297, "Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results" [7].
Seroprevalence rates for quadrangles were calculated by combining test results from all divisions within a quadrangle to find the average rate.
This is calculated according to the expected hours of usage of each piece of equipment over the course of a year.
Calculated settlement amounts are gross prices before expenses, commissions, taxes or other reductions.
Using trigonometry, the NPT angle can be calculated. Figure 1 shows a triangle where one side is 12" and the other is 0.750".
The calculated cross-sectional dimensions correlated well with several properties of handsheets made from softwood kraft pulp.
Simultaneously, investigators counted steps, calculated distance traveled by multiplying the counted steps by the participant's average stride length, and used indirect calorimetry to measure energy expenditure.