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calculated risk

A risky action that has been carefully considered beforehand, in which the chance or likelihood of a beneficial outcome outweighs the risk or cost of failure. We decided to take the calculated risk of going to trial, rather than settling out of court.
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calculate (something) into (something)

To include a particular amount as one does calculations. When you submit your travel expenses for reimbursement, be sure to calculate gas into the total. Wait, I didn't calculate the tip into each person's total, so we need to give the server more money.
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calculate on (something)

To consider or think about something. He'll have an answer for you soon—he's been calculating on your offer for days.
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calculated risk

A chance taken after careful estimation of the probable outcome, as in Taking their dispute to arbitration was definitely a calculated risk. This term uses calculated in the sense of "planned with forethought," a usage from the mid-1800s. Its pairing with risk dates from World War II, when the chances for losing bombers were taken into account before a bombing mission was sent out. After the war the term was transferred to other undertakings where taking a chance to succeed had to be weighed against the costs of failure.
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calculated risk

An action taken even though it might fail, because not taking it might be more dangerous. The term comes from World War II, where it was applied to the chances of losing bombers, personnel and equipment, weighed against the benefits of hurting the enemy. It soon was transferred to other situations. For example, “‘You don’t know a thing about him.’—‘It’s a calculated risk’” (Robert A. Heinlin, Double Star, 1956), or “We took the calculated risk of . . . using inanimate mother surrogates rather than real mothers” (Science, Aug. 21, 1959).
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Which is the only chemical element to have the digits in its atomic number reversed to give its calculated sum?
The true (or corrected) viscosity is simply calculated from the true shear stress (from the Bagley correction) and the true shear rate (from the Rabinowitsch correction), as shown in equation 9.
The value of U is calculated by multiplying the combined standard uncertainty, [u.
One previous study has calculated canine seroprevalence rates in Maine (6), but a different assay technique was used (4), which limited our ability to compare those rates to those of the current study.
The statistical measures for life expectancy and price were calculated independently, however, and their relationships are a consequence of the underlying distributions.
25 sec, which is seen in both measured and calculated data.
The purchaser will need to set up procedures to include the tax calculated with the payment of the ERS transaction.
A predicted cost/case is calculated for each hospital by summing the predicted cost/case for inliers and outliers.
We calculated the minimum volume of business that Katherine needed to break even,+" Hutt recalls.
When the molder enters a part weight, a shot stroke is automatically calculated from the resin density and machine's screw diameter.
Thus you can look at the results calculated by each part of the formula.
To remove those contributions, the data and background runs were normalized to the beam current and separate variances were calculated for each group of 20 macro pulses and then averaged.
The researchers calculated pi and the other constants to an accuracy of several hundred digits and set the computer searching for a relationship among these long strings of digits.
Using the calculated volume of a balloon and the rule that one liter of helium can lift one gram, how balloons are needed to lift each object?