cake with

cake (someone or something) with (something)

To coat someone or something with a substance that dries and hardens, like mud or blood. My daughter and her friend caked each other with mud as they played outside in the rain.
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cake someone or something with something

to cover someone or something with a thicker layer of clumps of a substance such as mud, dirt, blood, etc. The attendant caked her with hot mud at the beginning of the arthritis treatment. All the motocross racers were heavily caked with mud. She caked herself with green mud to remove her wrinkles.
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Once these ingredients are stirred together and scraped into the pan, a riot of summer fruit is dumped on top and the cake bakes into either a puddinglike form, warm and gooey, or a firmer cake with well-browned edges, entirely dependent on the amount of time it spends in the oven.
Layer cake mixes Market: Drivers and Restraints The layer cake mixes help users to make a very firm and moist cake with great height, fine texture and rich flavor.
This decadent dessert is topped with pecans, but feel free to leave them out or top the cake with almonds or walnuts. Consider using aluminum foil when baking in order to keep your cake moist and help it cook evenly.
It is a layered cake with a distinctive bright red hue produced by a considerable amount of red of food colouring.
But Farzana Michael wanted the traditional Christmas cake with the dried fruit to take to her brother.
Come-on: When your sweet tooth craves for rich, deep chocolate-y goodness, go for this Choco Tower that has layers of moist chocolate cake with ganache filling and fudge frosting.
His "crazy cakes", as he calls them, have included an award-winning Edward Scissorhands cake with movable, but inedible, robotic arm; a cake depicting Blue Peter dog Mabel; a 40th birthday cake in the shape of a Ferrari racing car and a four-tier wedding cake in Jamaica's national colours featuring silhouettes of two love-struck sweethearts.
The creative idea is not just another cake with alcohol but the infusion of cake and alcohol where you still get that heartwarming sensation of a scrumptious dessert.
To freeze or not to freeze a cake with a filling depends entirely on the cake recipe and the filling you are using.
She asked for a cake with a vintage teacup and saucer topper with sugarflower inside the teacup, strings of real pearls as well as piped pearls on the cake itself.
Repeat with second and third layers, then cover the cake with the remaining Italian filling.
It's not often you see a wedding cake with a model of the groom sitting on top of a scaffolded building - but then it's not often you see wedding cakes that have such a personal story behind them.
During my childhood it wouldn't have seemed like the holidays if she hadn't spent time in the kitchen other home near Booneville making the special dessert I always thought of as the "cake with orange slice candy."
Thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' in content and presentation, the recipes range from a Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake; a Red Velvet Cake with Blackberry-Cream Cheese Whipped Frosting; and a Marble Texas Sheet Cake; to Roasted-Raspberry Cupcakes; a Strawberry Sundae Cake; and a Watermelon-Berry-Lime Icebox Cake.
I love chocolate cake and carrot cake but I think my favourite is a nice, zesty lemon cake with lemon buttercream.