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cajole (one) into (something)

To persuade or entice one into doing something. Good luck cajoling someone into helping you clean your house! With the promise of baked goods, I was able to cajole Kelly into house-sitting for me.
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cajole (one) out of (something)

1. To persuade or entice one not to do something. Good luck cajoling a teenager out of sleeping till noon!
2. To persuade or entice one to abandon or get rid of something. Every time I turn on the TV, some charity or organization is trying to cajole me out of my hard-earned money.
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cajole someone into something

to coax or persuade someone to do something. They tried to cajole us into helping them move. You can't cajole me into doing that!
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cajole someone out of something

1. to coax or persuade someone not to do something. Try and cajole her out of going there. I cajoled her out of leaving so soon.
2. to coax or persuade someone to give up something or give away something. She tried to cajole him out of his inheritance.
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resolve--he learned that 61 babies were born in Northern Ireland on that same day and vowed that, for them, he would keep going, keep talking, keep pushing and prodding and nagging and cajoling until the job was done.
Cajoling everyone into verbal contributions is a late-90s leadership skill that's often overlooked.
He is the greatest jump jockey of all time, and when you see him pumping away, cajoling, kidding that horse at the back of the field, in his inimitable way, you know, as a punter, all is not lost.
No amount of cajoling is going to force school kids to learn Welsh if they don't want to and don't see the point.
Other than some "Why can't we all get along?" cajoling, Bergling never attempts to direct readers' thinking or offer firm conclusions about age and ageism.
In "Good Ir'n" Belafonte is a straw boss goading and cajoling his crew as they stack rails, and in the blues tune "Nobody's Business but Mine" he leads a gang of gravel tampers singing to the beat of their tools.
Hours were spent on the phone for fund-raising -- cajoling friends, obtaining new lists, making sure everything is on schedule.
He said: "I've been out on the training pitch cajoling the players and my throat is sore - I haven't been shouting for six months!
Having deployed forcing tactics on Heltornic, he adopted a totally different approach on Nil Desperandum, sitting and suffering when his mount was on the stretch in the first half of the race before cajoling him into the thick of the action.