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cajole (one) into (something)

To persuade or entice one into doing something. Good luck cajoling someone into helping you clean your house! With the promise of baked goods, I was able to cajole Kelly into house-sitting for me.
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cajole (one) out of (something)

1. To persuade or entice one not to do something. Good luck cajoling a teenager out of sleeping till noon!
2. To persuade or entice one to abandon or get rid of something. Every time I turn on the TV, some charity or organization is trying to cajole me out of my hard-earned money.
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cajole someone into something

to coax or persuade someone to do something. They tried to cajole us into helping them move. You can't cajole me into doing that!
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cajole someone out of something

1. to coax or persuade someone not to do something. Try and cajole her out of going there. I cajoled her out of leaving so soon.
2. to coax or persuade someone to give up something or give away something. She tried to cajole him out of his inheritance.
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Most of today's Filipino freelancers are based in Metro Manila, but Cajoles noted that OFF had gone into immersion activities and training sessions outside the metropolis.
JAGUAR WRIGHT enthralls, cajoles, dismisses, seduces and thoroughly entertains listeners with her new recording, DIVORCING NEO 2 MARRY SOUL (Artemis Records).
The young pouting Goddess is done splendidly when she cajoles Christopher to help her and then angrily laments her fate.
At the movie's heart is his real-life affair with Johanne Herelle, a Haitian model who cajoles him into acknowledging to himself that he "likes boys." At times self-consciously eccentric, A tout prendre is a cinema-verite psychodrama whose fans included John Cassavetes and Jean Renoir.
Geoghegan's criminal-defense attorney friend gets the case and, in passing, cajoles his buddy into helping out with the new trial.
There is so much warmth and good cheer flowing between Robert Eads and company that you have to sympathize with Lola Cola when, posing the gang for a snapshot, she cajoles them with "Let's have some gravity!" This is one family portrait you're going to keep on the mantelpiece.