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cajole (someone) into (something)

To persuade or entice someone into doing something. Good luck cajoling someone into helping you clean your house! With the promise of baked goods, I was able to cajole Kelly into house-sitting for me.
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cajole (someone) out of (something)

1. To persuade or entice someone not to do something. Good luck cajoling a teenager out of sleeping till noon!
2. To persuade or entice someone to abandon or get rid of something. Every time I turn on the TV, some charity or organization is trying to cajole me out of my hard-earned money.
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cajole someone into something

to coax or persuade someone to do something. They tried to cajole us into helping them move. You can't cajole me into doing that!
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cajole someone out of something

1. to coax or persuade someone not to do something. Try and cajole her out of going there. I cajoled her out of leaving so soon.
2. to coax or persuade someone to give up something or give away something. She tried to cajole him out of his inheritance.
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Certainly, questions about Armenia's banking relationship with Iran, authorized, pushed prodded and cajoled by Russia is new and concerning.
And who else could have cajoled and/or inspired such an outpouring of commitments to act.
Here you are nudged but not cajoled on a route upwards until at the top, just when you think you have reached a culde-sac and will have to retrace your steps, a small staircase releases the tension and spins you back down.
At the age of 18, I'd cajoled my way into a newly opened strip club as a journalist for my high school newspaper.
No sooner are the two rutting like minks than simpering Daniel is giving Kyril expensive jewelry, getting lilt up for cash, being cajoled into storing a hot valise, lied to about the ugly wells that turn up on Kyril's hands, and providing Kyril's girlfriend with free room and board.
Withered and limp, unkempt and undignified, he is reduced to an infantile state, to be comforted and cajoled, humored with therapeutic potions and measures, and ordered to obey.
We are asked to vote against the manifesto on which we were elected, and I think what is happening is that people are not willing anymore to be threatened or cajoled.
This year; he even cajoled a government agency--Brazil's federal development bank, BNDES--to sign a historic, US$17 million agreement to finance sustainable development projects.
Against her better judgement, Sam is cajoled into offering safe haven to the daughter of a murdered couple.
The industry's great and good will be cajoled to dig deep into their pockets for the Grocery Aid charity when an auction is staged at next week's IGD Glitter Ball in London.
Native tribes were frequently cajoled or forced to move to poor quality land by successive British and Canadian governments, but it is nothing short of wilfully misleading romantic fiction to portray Native life before Europeans arrived as idyllic Elysian Fields where children played with fawns.
He] said peddlers were threatened, cajoled, and coerced, offers of employment were made to them, their customers were supplied free with as much oil as they wanted, their wagons were followed by boys on bicycles to ascertain the homes of their customers, and ministers and labor leaders were bribed .
Over the last year, he cajoled industry executives to fund the purchase and renovation of a former city library building on Amsterdam Avenue and 67th Street that will soon become the meeting site for the West Side Synagogue.
For all its lack of editing, this latest show succeeded as a bombast of half-developed thought and images that cajoled as they seduced.